Who I Am

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

Over the course of the past several weeks I have had a few people asking me just “who the heck are you and what do you do?” I guess that there may well come a time when one has a need of doing just like the preacher indicates. “Brother, tell it like it is!” So I`ll give such a very honest try in my following explanation, please.

Me??? I simply undertake to try and be nothing other than what I am. And “heck no”, I don`t profess to have a halo over my head and/or a golden star in my crown! No, I put my pants (or overalls) on just like anyone else, period.

Well: I am a landowner and, also, a tree farmer. Big deal, you might think? But, I have been involved within the facets of such for the better part of my 55 years upon the face of the Earth. Mind you that this is the simple life which I live that is based upon involvement for 6-7 days a week consisting of each and every year. Simply put, “I am blessed to live with nature.” Sooo many are the current day-to-day considerations which most of us consider to be of a degree of importance. What? To mention a few aspects of consideration that I personally observe, daily. Air quality, factors of erosion, preservation of water quality, sustainable timber production, preservation of habitat quality for wildlife, preservation of multi-species of diversived timber qualities, ect, ect. Folks, it`s simply something which I completely breathe and engage within upon a daily basis. And no, “I`m just another simple individual in the crowd.”

Now: Perhaps that degree of indication may present what I construe to be a bit of information upon a level of being a little “vague” to yourself. But, I`ve never really cared much for the aspect of trying to draw much, if any, attention to myself to begin with. You know? It never hurts a thing to take to undertake the simple effort of not “letting ones` butt overload their own mouth”, my friends, :). `Nuff Said, :)…

Sooo, I am very deeply grateful for your personal observations relating to the above. Send me some replies, please, :).

“Blessings To All”


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