“Whats That Noise!”

My friends,

Time to lighten up a bit and tell you a story, please. In a semblance of speaking; I figure that this posting might involve the consideration of advancing technology.

Upon a time, there was a gentleman who lived way, way back within the woodlands. Very rare was the time that he even “went to town.” This gentleman’s form of employment/subsistence was obtained by cutting cord wood timber. (Pretty much a thing of the past, mind you.)

Well, this gentleman was a very dilligent worker! Long days and the aspect of sincerely hard work was simply of an accepted and normal routine within his day at work. And, work this man did. He would toil with all of his own ability and, perhaps, cut up about 11 cords of pulpwood over the course of a days work. And, all of this effort was conducted by the use of a saw which employed the use of physical labor, mind you.

Now, over a prolonged period of time this fellow was able to save up what seemed to him to be a reasonable amount of money. “I am going to go to town”, he decided. Just a bit of a self-reward for all of his hard won effort!

So, as this gentleman was arriving and beginning to enter into town; he happened to walk past a hardware store. What? Right there in the front window of the hardware store sat a brand new chainsaw which was assured to cut 20 cords of wood per day! The gentleman was astounded by the presented information concerning this device! “Man, he concluded, that thing will make me rich!” Into the store he went and the purchase of the chainsaw was quickly conducted. So, home the gentleman went with grand visions of the future means of vast wealth so closely made by his costly purchase.

Next: The gentleman gets up the next morning. Very quickly, he goes to work in his customary manner. But, at the end of the day he finds that he has cut but only 14 cords of wood! “Hmmmm, he contemplates, Maybe I just have the need of working a little harder, tomorrow.”

Next morning: The gentleman takes his new chainsaw and arrives in the woods well before daylight. “I`ll get my 20 cords of wood, today,” he tells himself. So, for all of the entire work day the gentleman strives to attain the goal of what the chainsaw is purported to present. But, just simply no luck. At the end of the day the gentleman has only cut 17 cords of wood. Well, the gentleman figures that there just ain’t nothing more to do than take the chainsaw back to the hardware store in town and demand that his money be refunded to him!

Next morning: The gentleman walks into the town hardware store as soon as such opens up for business. “I want my money back” he very strongly proclaims. “Ya`ll indicated that this thing would cut me 20 cords of wood a day! Best I’ve been able to do is 17 cords, I want my money back!” Well, the attending salesman says, “Sir, lets simply look your chainsaw over and make sure that it is in proper working order, first.” With a quick flip of the hand; the salesman starts the engine of the chainsaw and revs it up! What? Revelations! The gentleman is taken aback at the noise and says, “Man, whats that noise?” `Nuff Said, my friend.

“Best Of Wishes”




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