“What You Do.”

My Friends,

For a bit of a change from the normal; I`d just like to extend a bit of very simple thought within the direction of yourself, please. This posting of notation is just simply me undertaking the opportunity of enjoying nothing more than than having a very friendly chat with you. 

Folks, each and everyone of us has a particular quality of talent which is unique to our own self. Such may well be considered to be based upon education, experience’s, involvement, ect, ect. But, given the adamant gravity of time? Sincerely, each of us reaches a point in time where we are, hopefully, adept at what our direction within this life presents us with. Simply, we reach a period where we are pretty good concerning what we do, my friend. (Grin), and we know such.

Well, what I find to be of an interesting nature is that it would seem that there is, somewhat, a never-ending supply of others who are inclined to indicate to you and I that “I tell you what you need to do.”

Now: To be honest with all of you, my friends. No question that am I of a grateful position when another individual can provide me with a degree of good, sound, reasonable advice. Simply, I most certainly do welcome input from others so long as they employ a base of knowledge concerning what they are talking about. However, though, it appears to be of a common instance where there is a noticeable level of people who tend to tell us how to run our own personal business. And, mind you please; our individual lives on top of everything else. But, the interesting part is the fact that those very individuals cannot even take care of the aspects pertaining to their own selves let alone you and/or I…

So, at any rate of consideration and/or thought. I should very kindly  offer to encourage you to contemplate the desired aspects of what I am mentioning to yourself, my friend.

We gain levels upon where we become very well adept at doing what we do. It kind of comes down to the realms of the fact that “we know what we know.” Outside information is of a welcome nature but? My friends, what you have between your ears belongs to yourself! Such is yours and there is not another person upon the face of this earth who can even begin to take such away from you. What? As the adage implies is still of a sincerely honest consideration. “Knowledge is power.” In a very simple manner of me speaking to you, my friend. You be good at “what you do.” You and I shall employ the simple aspect of listening to ourselves, first! Then, we can listen to the input of others. `Nuff Said…

“Very Sincerely”




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