“What We See; What We Hear.”

My Dear Friends,

I should like to suppose that the subject header encompasses many different qualities of considerations and thoughts. The potentials are simply of an endless nature, my friend. So, if you might grant me the kindness of a few moments of your own time; I would like to direct a few humble assumptions within your direction.

First: “What We See.” For the better part, most of us enjoy the blessing of observation through the sense of eyesight. Through the use of such we gain a visual knowledge of many, many different qualities of aspects. But, this constitutes “What We See.”

Second: “What We Hear.” And, most of us have the wonderful sense of hearing. What? How often might we simply not close our own eyes and listen to what the surrounding sounds indicate to us. Perhaps, that is a reflection upon “What We Hear.”

Well, I shall be the very first to indicate to you that I see and hear quite a number of things, myself. I can click upon the television remote and see. Or, I can turn the radio on and listen. But, where I have found a real point of contention relates to the firm consideration of wondering if there is any real substance to that which is being projected to me? Kind of conjures up the remark which was made some years ago; “Tell a lie for long enough and those who observe such shall come to believe it.”

Now: My good friends, I should like to impart an adamant thought to yourself within your own direction. Simply, see for yourself! Simply, hear for yourself! Do such in a manner which is of an objective manner as such relates to your own self, please.

Last: Me? Alright, this is the best explanation that I might indicate to you concerning the above, my friends. I do not tend to believe but only “half” of what I see! In addition, I do not tend to believe but only “half” of what I hear! Just give a little amount of thought to such, please. “Only believe half of what you see and half of what you hear.” The other half of belief is of ones own determination, my friend.

“Most Sincerely”


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