“What Are You Going To Do?”

Hello My Friends,

Yes, as the subject header indicates; “what are you going to do?”

Honestly, that is a question which I ask of my own self when observing many of the aspects and considerations relating to many of the things which are taking place, today. “What can I do about such?”

Well: I have found over the passage of a period of years that there are some items of interest which I can exert some degree of control over. However, though, I have also come to the firm understanding that there are particular qualities of consideration which I just cannot do a thing about. So, therefore, I honestly try to focus upon the things which I can do something about.

Now: What I have the tendency of observing at the current moment in time? Kind of stuns me that people are so totally consumed by the actions of others that the individual cannot live their own life for the need of focusing upon someone other than themselves! For an honest example, go to some of the news channels and click upon the comments which readers have posted. The mindset behind such is of a very poor nature, indeed. I find such to be of an indication of individuals who will look to find fault but, they are not willing to step up to the plate and even make a decent effort to make a difference relating to a particular situation. All too often is the position of many to indicate that “somebody needs to do something.” But, when it comes down to the actual effort of doing something; where are the ones who raise their voices in the loudest manner? And, in a manner of responsibility?

So what? I can reach a position of not being too sincerely happy concerning a particular situation, myself. But, I have the need of asking myself if I can even begin to make a difference/impact upon such. If not; then I focus upon the things which I can do something about. (Smile), Just appears that there are some qualities of things which I just cannot do a thing about, my friend.

Last: Devote your time to the things that you can control. Otherwise, do not be altogether consumed by the aspects of things which are beyond the ability of ones self. Perhaps, such might be summed up in the thought concerning “what are you going to do?”

“Most Sincerely


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