Violent Computer Games

June 27, 2011

Dear Everyone, Everwhere,

Just got my mind blown away pertaining to a ruling by the United States Supreme Court relating to the aspect of “allowing” the rental/sale of violent computer games to our people of the younger class. I mean, what does this particular “ruling” implie and project upon each and everyone of us?

It simply means that the continued process of projecting, in a form of glory, violence shall continue within this country and culture. For a sincere expample, I`ll relate to a situation which happened several years ago not too far from where I reside. Several members of a particular law-enforcement establishment were gunned down in a horrible manner. What? the “defendant” and his defence attornies implied that his actions were a direct result of exposure to the computer-generated game of ” Grand Theft Auto.” Hello? is there something being missed, here? Sorry but, I do not consider my life to be of any nature which might construe such to simply be a “game.”

Well, perhaps we “must” respect the ruling of the highest court within the United States. Or, do we???

What do you think???


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