“Two Dogs.”

Hello My Friends,

This particular post is one I have been a bit upon the hesitant side to publish for your observation. Such is a bit upon the level of being a bit on the crude side but, I should have the sincere hope that you might see through such and grasp the intention of the message which is contained within, please.

One day, there was a father and his very young son out enjoying a little afternoon stroll together. The two of them were walking down the sidewalk along the street with each other. Just a situation of enjoying a simple amount of time with one another.

Suddenly! The young son grabs his fathers` pants legs and loudly exclaims, “daddy, daddy look!!!” Lo and behold; across the street on the opposite sidewalk are two dogs engaged within the process of (ahem) making puppies. The little boy says, “daddy! Look at those two dogs! What are they doing?”

Well, for goodness sake the poor father is caught completely off guard by such an unfortunate moment as this. Quickly the father thinks to himself “I just cannot begin to explain to my young son what those two dogs are doing. My son is sincerely too young to understand such.”

So, therefore, the father comes up with what he feels might be the best explanation concerning such a situation as this and indicates to this youngster. “Son, the dog who upon the top of the other dog has certainly hurt one of his front paws. The dog underneath is undertaking to be very kind and help his friend get home.” Hmm, the young boy is really thinking things over concerning what he is observing and what his father has just indicated to him. Suddenly, the little boy looks up at his father with a very intense expression upon his face and says, “yeah daddy, isn`t that the way things are! You try to help someone out  and they wind up screwing you!” (Grin), `Nuff Said.

“Best Of Wishes”





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