Tornado Warning Sirens

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

Oh, I just figured out as to why I can`t hear the bells and whistles on my computer. (Simply had the need of removing my electronic hearing protection.) On the first Wednesday of each and every month there are “tests” done within the area that I reside in of the “tornado warning sirens!” I am soooo sincerely blessed to have one of these contraptions located about three-hundred feet (300ft) ” FROM MY FRONT DOOR!!! So what does this all mean to me? Well, read on folks, please.

I really feel safe by having this device right at my FRONT door! Why? It means that for at least once every month that I have the wax blown slap out of my ears and that no tornado “is going to get me.” But, where I do have of a bit of trouble understanding the situation is the fact that I’m caught up in the process of running around the house trying to keep my front windows in place while attempting to keep my rear-end from being completely blown out the durn back door! I mean, I get the full force of how this device protects me! I rate the sound effect of this siren to be, at least, an F1 on the Fujiti scale!!! Read on folks, please.

For an example: April 27th, there was a massive tornado outbreak around many parts of the Southeast. In the early morning hours preceding such; there was a major in-line wind event which occurred in this particular area. (Durn tornado siren worked just fine.) But, when the main event “rock and rolled” late that afternoon, “simply silence.” And the tornado which demolished portions of Tuscaloosa, Alabama passed not more than three (3) miles North of my home and the siren “DID NOT” even sound? I mean that such will sound off on a clear, fine quality of day but, not when such is fully intended to work? Hmmm, all I can figure is that some very bright individual forgot to shove that “rabbit” and his batteries into a proper place to begin with! `nuff said.

Perhaps, maybe, this just might impress upon you how I might feel about a “tornado warning siren.”

“Blessings upon all”


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