“Too Soon Old; Too Late Smart.”

Hello My Friends,

Just pretty much of a normal day around here. Been out this morning looking over timber cutting which is removing some of the old growth timber. But, also observing the planting operations relating to establishment of new stands of pine growth in the form of seedlings.

Now: I`ve had a bit of a consideration of thought upon my mind which I would like to present to each of you, my friends. Such is for the undertaking for you to observe and to contemplate/formulate you own conclusion, please.

Basically, there is the aspect that most individual people tend to fall within three (3) categories. They are as follows:

(1). There is the “wise” individual! This is a particular individual who will observe the aspects of behavior by others and learn from the mistakes in a manner of observation. Simply, look at what others get themselves into as a result of their own actions and the results of what they have to contend with. We learn that we should not make the same mistakes of others, my friend.

(2). There is the “average” individual. Perhaps, many of us have the simple tendency to fall within this particular class. What? We do have the human fallacy of making mistakes but, “we learn from our own personal shortcommings.” Hmmm, a lesson learned is, most certainly, a lesson well earned. But, we learn.

(3). There is the poor “fool.” My Friends! Regardless, this particular quality of individual “just ain`t never gonna learn!” Time and again this person can, shall, and will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over. They just don`t learn.

Well, speaking for myself, “yes”, I have played the part of all three (3) of the above. But, I really do attempt to steer very clear of number three (3). Seems to be the consideration of the aspect that as our own personal life progresses on that we should have the simple need of gaining an understanding of what such presents us with.

So, therefore, for whatever particular class of individual which we reside within is pretty much of our own choosing, I think. Perhaps it might be best summed up relating to the simple thought that “We grow too soon old and too late, smart.” `Nuff Said, MyFriend. 

“Best Of Wishes”



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