Today and My Two Cents Worth of Thoughts

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

I rolled out of my bed, and the blissful quality of sleep contained within such, around 3:30 a.m. this morning. What? Am I crazy for getting up at such an early hour of the morning, you say? Well, I just have the sincere, very real need of begging to differ with you upon that area of thought. “Yeah, yeah you say! Look at this sleep-deprived moron!” Hmmm, now “hush” and let me explain such to you my friend, please.

To arise at such an early hour? Simply put! This is the best time of the day! It is so quiet and peaceful and even the songbirds haven`t  awakened at such an early time of the morning. (yeah, sure! the birds have more mental capacity than I). But, regardless of whatever, I like the early hours. Getting up so early presents me with a few peaceful moments to come into the “breakfast room” and fire up the computer. You know? I am still pretty durn well very young at heart but, the `ole nurons and transmitters just ain`t firing quite like they used too! But, when they do fire? “Let `er rip tater chip.” Just kind of nice to awaken to another day without the adamant need of having to rush into such, though. “Nuff said.”

Now, Today? Out the door and over to a parcel of property to check up and observe some timber-salvage operation(s). Spent a goodly amount of time giving attention to overall qualities of how such is being conducted. Just simply appears that such is going along in a manner which is of a really good nature considering what a storm-damaged area presents to the loggers to begin with! But, I sat in the jeep and gave deep qualities of thoughts in the direction of many, many other aspects of needed consideration. After the cleanup is completed? Then What? My dear friends, there are sincerely soooo many different angles which demand consideration that I just am simply not going to attempt to list them at this time, please. But, I will impress a thought upon you which I observed within a publication from OSU several years ago. Within that particular article was the comment that expressed such: “the land does not take care of itself.” Those very words have been soooo deeply ingained within my mind for the longest. I do not feel that I could elaborate upon the context of such. Simply, something which one lives and gain the understanding of over the course of a dedicated lifetime. (phew), “nuff said.”

Last: Kinda nice to leave areas of operation and journey over and across other undisturbed segments of the property. What? Just such of someting which is of a very simple nature. No ringing phones, no traffic, no nothing of a bothersome quality! I greatly enjoyed seeing a few deer, turkey, and the family of river otters in the creek on the South-end of the place. And now? What? Back to the real world, my friend.

“Blessings To All”

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