“The Way It Is.”

My Dear Friends,

Have you ever been wrongly accused of something? Me? Sure, in a big-time way, :). (Grin), let me share this story with you, please. Read on…

Going back over the course of soooo many years; I recall the instance of planting the “Mary May Patch” for Mr. Ralph Hawkins. What? Simply, this was a “private” hunting patch which was entirely dedicated to the usage of Ralph and nobody, otherwise. (Mind you that he used hunting club materials for such, though.)

Well, me and several of the other hunting members were out planting food plots one weekend. Ralph indicated that there was a very real need of planting his own “private” food plot, though. (free labor, seed, and such you must understand.) This is where it starts to get good, my friend. Ralph had his truck out there with some watermelons located in the back of such….

Now: `ole Ralph was chug, chugging along on his tractor, breaking up the ground for the preparation of the seeding of his “private patch.” So Ralph proceeds in a direction which leads him away from those of us who are helping him plant his patch! And what? My `cuss of a cousin Glen Walker sees the watermelons that are in the back of Ralphs` truck. What? Glen Walker pulls his knife out and carves up several of the watermelons up into serving orders in a fast fashion!!! What??? There is a group of people eating watermelon! Simply, Ralph comes back in our direction on his tractor and goes off in a big-time manner concerning “his” watermelons!!! “Allen”, he says… “Did you ever stop to think that I might have intended to give those watermelons to someone else???”  I said, “But Mr. Hawkins, I`m not the one who did such!” Just did not make a bit of difference, my friend… I got blamed for such and `ole cousin Glen has laughed about such to this very day!

Well, I always loved this moment of happening and would not trade such for anything. “Good times, good friends, and the wonderful enjoyment of the recollection of such, my friend.” Hmmm, Glen Walker??? (Grin), sure hope that I am of the position of sending him a fan to keep him “cool” in the hereafter…

“Best Of Wishes”







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