“The Sparrow.”

To All,
Given the aspects of the problems which so very many of us have the need of contending with, today. I can and most certainly agree with the current mindset of not being of a really pleased nature with such. But, as bad a hand of the cards which so many of us feel that we have been dealt, just look around and it just might come to attention that there are others who are in a more unfortunate situation that our ownselves. Perhaps, the following story might add a bit of a perspective to this simple expression of though, please.
There was upon a time a group of Sparrows who resided within a Northern climate during the warmer time of the year. All was fine and very well until there came the early indications that the season of the year was suggesting that the colder weather was about to begin!
Well, all of the Sparrows got together and came to the conclusion that the time to fly South for the Winter was upon them. So, as the Sparrows took wing, there was one Sparrow who indicated that things were not so bad and that he was going to remain in place for just a bit longer. He simply said, “go ahead folks, I`ll catch up to all of you later on.” Off the others went and the individual Sparrow continued to flitter around and about for a bit more period of time. But, given the gravity of time, the advent of the Winter weather began to make itself evident. Simply, the Winter arrived in full force!
Well, the Sparrow who had remained behind decided that it would be to his best interest to leave and attempt to catch up with his friends who had, already flown on down to the warmer climates sometime before. Off the Sparrow went!
Well, as the Sparrow was flying along the falling rain which was pelting him begin to escalate into a situation of simply becomming colder and began to freeze upon his wings. Unfortunately, given a period of time the ice buildup upon the wings of the Sparrow presented a degree of weight as to where the poor soul could simply fly no more. Down to the ground, in a pasture, did the Sparrow have no option of doing, otherwise. Now, here is the poor Sparrow sitting upon the freezing cold ground, covered in ice, and just completely having no hope for surviving an ordeal such as this! But wait! Just about that time a cow happens along and guess what? The cow dumps a really big pile of you-know-what right down on top to the Sparrow! “Oh my gosh, thinks the Sparrow. Here I am in such a situation and just don`t have a chance in the world of continuing on!” Suddenly, though, the warming effect of the cows` deposit on top of the Sparrow begins to spread a quality of warming upon him. The Sparrow starts thinking that, “hey this ain`t too bad.” He begins to feel so warm and well that he begins to chirp and sing sitting right in the middle of the pile of such. And wouldn`t you just know it? About that time a slinking cat hears the singing of the Sparrow. What? The cat finds the Sparrow, digs him out of the mess that the bird is within, cleans the Sparrow off and eats him! So, perhaps there just might be a moral to this particular post, my friend. “Provided that we might be sitting in a pile of it and we are happy?” (Grin), Maybe we are best served by keeping our mouths shut, my friend, :)… 

“Best Wishes”






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