“The Quality Of Wine.”

My Dear Friends,

Well: Speaking for myself, I`m not too much inclined towards the aspect of wine, myself. But, I do fondly enjoy my personal indulgence within the sinful consideration of barley and malt. Basically, “I do enjoy a cold beer!”

But, there are individuals among the general populance who do sincerely enjoy the immense pleasure of a fine and/or good quality of wine product. Might I elaborate upon such within the following story, please?

Many years ago there was a group of road workers who labored upon endless hours to perform their required tasks of employment. What? Cleaning ditches, patching potholes in the roads, and so many other qualities involved. Mind you though, now. There was always a road-boss who was present to observe the day-to-day operations. Simply, the road-boss made sure that all efforts were conducted within an acceptable manner concerning the taxpayers dollar. (Today?, “yeah, right!”.)

So, there came about a particular day when the road-boss had a bottle of wine which had been given to him. After cracking the seal and trying a bit of a swig of the wine, himself? “Oh goodness,” the road-boss thought! “This bottle of wine would not even be worthy of greasing wagon wheels with!” Simply, he spat out the wine which was within his own mouth and considered throwing the remainder of such off into the woods.

Now: The boss-man gave a bit of thought to his intended consideration. Suddenly, the boss-man hits up on an idea! ” I`ll give this bottle of horrible wine to John!” So, the boss-man hollers, “John, where you at?”

So, John comes running up out of the ranks of the workers and presents himself to the boss. “Yessir, you called me boss?”, John proclaims.

Next: The road-boss indicated to John that he is pretty well pleased with the complete efforts that have been put forth by him. “John, announces the road-boss I`d like to give you a bit of something concerning all of the effort that you have shown. So, I am presenting you with this bottle of very, fine wine.”

Well: John is standing there with the bottle of wine in his hand not knowing what to do next. So, the road-boss indicates to John to simply give the wine “a try.” Off the cork comes and John takes a good, long slug of the contents within the bottle! A few moments pass by, now.

So, the road-boss asks. “John, how do you rate the quality of the wine which I have given to you.” John replies, ” boss-man, it`s just right!” Well, the boss-man is a bit upon the perplexed side concerning such a reply and adamantly asks for a sincerely firm evaluation concerning the quality of the wine. “What do you mean by just right, John?” says the boss-man!

Johns reply? “Boss-man, if this stuff was any better; you would not have given such to me. And, if this was of a worse nature; I could not even begin to drink it!!!!”

Bottom line? Enjoy and, hopefully, have a bit of a laugh my friends. And, do always recall the golden rule of thought, “I am not as think as you drunk I am!”

“Most Sincerely”






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