“The Mary May Patch.”

My Dear Friends,

I have a true story which I`d like to share with each of you. Mind you, this actually took place many, many years ago. Me and some of my friends still laugh about such to this very day. Read on, please.

Well, the Fall of the year was comming on. As usual, most of the hunters were becomming very interested within the aspect of getting their “foodplots” planted for the upcomming hunting season. Any true hunter knows that this is a very important consideration, my friend!

Now, there was an `ole cuss of a (shudder) gentleman by the name of Ralph Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins had a particular location of a foodplot which he had declared to be “private.” This was the “Mary May Patch.” Nobody, I mean nooobody was allowed to hunt this plot but himself. (Never mind that he always used club materials for this private patch.)

Sooo, there were several people, myself included, helping Mr. Hawkins prepare his private abode, one paricular day. Mr. Hawkins had his junk of a tractor and a disk set which wobbled all over the place (worn-out bearings) for the ground preparation in which to place the seed. And, I had driven Mr. Hawkins` truck over to this location. Such contained the neccessay items that were needed to plant his foodplot.

Next: The work process began, my friend. Old Ralph started putt-putting along on his tractor disking up the soil. Suddenly, my good friend(?) Glen Walker looks over into the back of Mr. Hawkins` pickup truck and spies some watermelons in the back of such! Now what? Glen waits until `ole Ralph is disking in a direction which takes him away from those of us who are helping him plant this foodplot. As soon as Ralph is going away from us; Glen whips out his pocket-knife and quickly cuts up a couple of the watermelons into serving size proportions. (Glen is setting me up for a real `cussing and I didn`t even know it!)

Well, `ole Ralph came back in our direction! You know, here were several people enjoying slices of “his” watermelons. That old man really lit into me about this!!! He said, “fella, did you ever stop to think for a moment that those watermelons might have been meant for someone else???” What? I was of a complete loss for words! I said, “Mr. Hawkins, I didn`t cut your watermelons up in the first place, Glen did!” “Yeah right”, Ralph continued to `cuss me for a long time after such concerning his watermelons. “Thank God” that the old Ralph was not a court judge! He probably would have given me thirty days in the electric chair for that eposide! What? “Many Thanks, Glen, :)”

Just simply a very dear and fond instance which I wanted to share with all of you, my friends, :)… (Glen has a lot to “burn for” in the hereafter, though.) He justs grins!!!

“Best Of Wishes”







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