The Greatest Invention

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

I am still a bit upon the astounded side concerning this one! What do you think?

“Friends”, a bit of time ago me an a few of the local fellows got into a pretty deep disscussion about “what is the greatest invention!” “Dear Lord knows that I feel sooooo good knowing that I am amongst such folks who just know about all this stuff to begin with.” Besides the point; on with the story as follows.

Well: One of my buddies indicates that he felt that the “greatest invention” of all times was that star-wars ship, whatever. (heck, I cain`t even spell the name of the damn thing!) But!!! I agreed with him for I did feel a bit of compassion for him to begin with.

Next: Another one of my buddies indicated that he felt like the “greatest invention” of all times was plastic forks and spoons! You know! I kind of have to agree with this line of thought… I mean, this “is a poor mans silverware.” Sounds like to me that this guy was on the money, but? “nuff said…

Last: And the last one of my buddies came forth with this thought. He felt that the “greatest invention” of all times was tissue paper! Hmmm, you know? This guy just might have not been too far off the mark with that projected consideration of thought! What? Such works upon which-ever end that such is applied to? I cain`t argue with that…

Oh? And just durn well what??? Here and up my driveway comes my trusty `ole buddy, Rusty! (losing battle, mind you). So my buddy Rusty gets out of his truck and asks “what ya`ll talkin `bout?” I says, Rusty, we are discussing the “greatest inventions” which mankind has presented us with and it just might be above your head. (figured that just might shut him down). No luck!!!

Soooo, Rusty proceeds to proclaim that the “thermos bottle” is mankinds “greatest invention.” I said, “Rusty, just how the heck do you figure that to be so?” Well, Rusty quickly expressed the thought that “if you put something that is cold within the thermos; it stays cold. If you put something that is hot within such; it stays hot!” I was kind of perplexed about all of what this guy was talking about so I asked him what made this such a great invention to begin with! Well, with a very smug look upon his face, Rusty proceeded to explain his thoughts as follows: ” how do it know? Hot stays hot and cold stays cold! How do it know what to do?” Guess that my buddy, Rusty, gets a blue-ribbon for that one. “nuff…”

“Blessings To All”

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