“The Duck Hunter And The Game Warden.”

My Dear Friends,

Once upon a time there was a game warden who was performing his daily duties. The warden, bless his heart, was undertaking his sworn efforts to ensure that each and every individual hunter whom he made contact with was within a level of being legal. That particular day, the game warden checked many people and found not the first hunter who was not of a legal nature as required by law. Everyone was legal without the very first violation requiring a written ticket from the warden! The warden was not to happy with this aspect. He thought to himself, “somebody has to be in violation of the law.”

Well, the time of the day was wearing on into the late afternoon. The game warden decided for himself, “I`ll go down near this swamp and check the duck hunters. The duck hunters are always good for a few tickets.” So, the good warden begins to check the duck hunters as they exited the swamp in the wee hours and just could not find the first soul who might warrent a ticket for a game violation! The warden was not to happy with the situation, mind you.

Suddenly, the very last of the duck hunters appeared. By now, the good warden had made his mind up that he “was” going to issue a ticket to this particular individual for a violation of some degree of infraction.

The good warden approaches the duck hunter and demands, “What you been doing, boy?” Well, the hunter replies, “Sir, I been down there in the swamp knocking down a few ducks for myself.” “Got any”, the good warden asks, gruffly… “Well yes sir, a few” the hunter replies to the warden. The officer says, “give me one of those birds, boy!” What? The warden takes the duck by its feet, turns such over and smells the ducks behind! “Boy, the warden exclaims. You got an Alabama duck, here. You got an Alabama hunting license and duck stamp?” The hunter replies, “yes sir,” and hands over the required information. Everything checks out to be fine.

Now, the good warden says, “Boy, let me see another one of them ducks which you have taken.” The hunter simply says, “yes sir.” Out from his game vest comes another duck. Promptly, the good warden takes the duck by its two feet and turns such over. Again, the warden smells the bottom of the deceased duck. This time, the warden exclaims to the hunter. “Boy, this is a Florida duck! Do you have a Florida hunting license and duck stamp?” Sure enough, the hunter produces the required documentation to the warden.

Next: You`ve just got to understand. The good warden has been out all day and has made not one single case. So, the warden figures that he shall gain such with his next question.

“Boy, says the warden! Give me another duck!” The hunter produces another duck and the warden promptly takes such by the feet, turns such duck over and smells its rear end! “Lord Boy, exclaims the warden. You got a Canada duck here!!! You got a Canada hunting license and a duck stamp, the warden demands!” The hunter again replies, “yes sir, right here. And such is produced.”

Well, the good game warden is just completely at a loss for words. No matter what effort the warden expends, there just ain`t no way that any form and/or degree of infraction can be written within the direction of this particular hunter. So the good warden indicates, “Durn fellow, you are one of the most law-abiding people whom I have ever meet!!!” And then the warden asks of the hunter, “Son, are you from around these parts?” (Grin), The duck hunter simply smiles and indicates to the good warden, ” Sir, why don`t you smell my rear end and tell me, please.”

“Best Of Wishes”





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