“The Croc-A-Gator.”

My Friend,

Please let me relate a story to you which I was told of many, many years ago concerning the croc-a-gator. Read on, please…

Well, I was sitting, one day, with a couple of my friends and we all got off upon the topic of what was the meanest animal in the world! Sure, we considered many different species of critters and discussed how mean such could be. The consideration of all of the many animals was pretty much of an endless nature, until? My `ole buddy Rusty implied the thought that the croc-a-gator was the meanest animal that has/had ever lived upon the face of the Earth! (Hmmm, gets a bit deep here.)

So, Rusty launches off into a detailed explanation of what a croc-a-gator actually consists of! “A croc-a-gator is one very mean critter, mind you”, says Rusty. Now what? I`m sitting here listening to this fool chatter and trying to gain the gist of what Rusty is trying to indicate. 

Finally, I can stand no more and I simply ask Rusty what is a croc-a-gator??? “Well”, says Rusty. ” A croc-a-gator has a great big croc head on one end that goes “whomp” on what ever such bites!” “That”, Rusty indicates is one end of this mean animal. “But”, Rusty says, “that animal has also got another mean end of him which has a big gator head upon such which goes “whomp” on anything which this fearsome animal clamps down upon!

Now: No too much of a question within my mind that Rusty has and/is describing some degree of a fearsome quality of creature but, questions arise concerning this degree of conversation between me and Rusty. So I ask; “Rusty, if this horrible animal has a crocodile head on one end and an alligator head on the other end; how can he defacate???” Rusty kind of looked at me and simply said “he ain`t got no butt!!! What the hell do you think makes him soooo mean?”

“Best Wishes”







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