“The Basic Principles.”

Greetings My Friends,

If you might grant me the kindness of your observation; I should simply like to share a quality of thought with yourselves, please.

My Friend, I have a framed document which hangs on the wall by my door. And, such is of the nature of the above implied subject header concerning this article of notation. (Smile), allow me to cut through all of the yada, yada fanfare and present such to you, my friend. Simply observe the following and ponder such information for the purpose of your own conclusions, please.

(1). Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not on the person.

(2). Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others.

(3). Maintain constructive relationships.

(4). Take the initiative to make things better.

(5). Lead by example.

My friends, kind of speaking for myself; I undertake the honest effort of keeping the qualtities of the above incorporated within the day-to-day activities of my own life. What? “We sincerely continue to build ourselves as we undertake to build others.”

So, therefore, I simply wanted to take a few moments of you time to share with you “the basic principles”, my friend. I have the adamant and honest desire that you might find such to worthy of your own considerations and reflections. `Nuff Said…  

“Most Sincerely”






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