“Stop And Reflect, MyFriends.”

“Hi Everyone,”

I`ll certainly not attempt to tary too long with the content of this particular posting. Basically, I`d just simply be grateful if you might allow me to share an honest quality of consideration and/or thought with yourself.

My Friend, do you undertake, perhaps, the pausing of ones` self to contemplate the passage of time and what such might mean to yourself? What? Me? During my early years of youth I figured that time was “forever.” Twenty, thirty, and even forty years was considered to be a long ways down the road, folks. But, now, I am becoming of an astounded nature giving reflections towards the aspect that I am reaching a degree of age whereupon I can look back and ask myself, “where did such a degree of time go?”

Well, I shall simply part with each of you with this simple thought to contemplate, My Friends. Simply, live you`re life as an individual. You are what you are and you are what you have. And, the passage of time is of such a very swift nature. My Friends? I adamantly encourage each of you to make your time, sincerely, worthwhile. (Smile), the time is, constantly, slipping away.

“Best Of Wishes”


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