“Speaks For Itself.”

Dear Everyone, Everwhere,

Not too often does a situation arise which presents myself of just having a complete and total failure to understand the actions of some other individuals, my friends. Perhaps I should simply let the information speak for itself. You shall have the need of what such shall induce youself to consider, please.
I should like to sincerely request that you go to a particular website and such is as follows: NorthEscambia. com. I should like to impress upon you to pay sincerely close attention to a couple of articles of news information relating to the service(s) for the aspects related to Lance Cpl Travis Nelson of the U.S. Marine Corp.. This young American was “laid to rest” after having given his life in combat for you and I, the American people.
So, therefore, simply go to the above website and see the information which may very well catch the attention of your own self. I`m at a loss for words in even attempting to try and understand the actions of the particular group who planned to “protest” at the funneral of Cpl Nelson…
Perhaps this is one instance where the undertaking of what one may choose to feel/think is best left up to the determanation of the individual. I, for one, do not subscribe to this quality of mindset, period.”Me”? I`m not too damn happy!!!! `Nuff Said!!!


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