Hmmm, I`m just going to be a bit of myself for a few moments. Not anything which is rude and/or disrepectful to anyone but, just speaking a bit of my mind to ya`ll.

You know, I`ve been kinda informed about all of the mess concerning “Spammers.” But, sometimes, `ole hard-headed me simply has the need of getting his eyes opened in an honest manner. Well, this is getting to be a bit upon the interesting side, my friend. I`m just puzzled by all of this fool mess. What? A little simple something is “posted” online and just look how others suddenly run up to you and indicate, “hey, `ole buddy.”
I suppose that the interesting aspect and/or consideration is the fact that I did not even have the understanding that others were, suddenly, wanting to jump on board?
Well, perhaps, at least I should have a degree of being grateful that this particular site has caught the attention of the spammers. I mean, a parasite shall not remain with an unproductive host for a prolonged period of time, will they not?
(Grin), just had to touch on this one, my friends…

“Best Wishes”


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