Simply Today

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:
Kinda nice to start my day off just before 3:00a.m.. Crazy? Not along too much of a level of thought if one can understand some of the very simple qualities which life shall project upon us if we allow such in the first place. I feel that I have, already, addressed this consideration of thought so, on to today.
Perhaps I may well have the need to putting this particular realm of consideration within a pictured manner, later. But, for the moment I should simply ask for the kindness of you own attention which might allow me to express my thoughts, in a written manner, to each and everyone of you, please. (phew). Down to business, mind you…
Had a very good friend of mine ask me to unload qualities of thoughts which would involve a very, deep degree of me being of an extremely vulgar nature, today. Me? Do such? Sure, I could do such in a very easy manner but, I stop and give such a very deep quality of thought in the direction of each and everyone of “you” who undertakes to view me. You want something of a rude, vile content? Point blank; find another place to look.
Now, sure, I do use a bit of a `cuss word here and/or there.  Otherwise? You, as an individual? I shall and always will continue to express my personal thoughts in a manner which I shall have the heart-felt desire of being acceptable to yourself. Simply, “I shall remain respectful to you.” “We All put our pants on the same way, my friend.”


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