“Simply, Today, My Friend.”

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

It has been a day of such a wonderful nature. I`ve been out within the woodlands for the better part of the day. Simply working with the foresters and the timber-cutters looking things over and engaging within the mindset of aspects of the forthcomming days. I mean, what do we do here and what do we undertake to do there? Perhaps, that is why I always ask the “good lord” to guide this poor, old fool. He has not failed me, thus far, :). Just a real pleasure to work with nature, my friend. (Grin), the best part is the fact that I am indicating to these others as to what to do…

Now: I do have a little bit of something which I would like to kindly share with each and everyone of you, please. Simply something which is projected within your own directiion for the very friendly purpose of you deciding what you may so choose to belive and/or undertake, as follows:

“The clock of life is wound but once,

And no man has the power

To tell just when the hands will stop,

At late or early hour.

Now is the time you own,

Live, Love, Toll with a will;

Place no faith in tomorrow,

For the clock may then be still.”

Just a very simple expression of thought which is extended to yourself. I simply trust that these few honest words shall have a positive influence upon you, :).

“Best Of Wishes”












































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