“Simply, I Wonder.”

Hello, My Friends,

Today has been one day of a very simple nature, indeed. The weather outside has been of a pretty cold event with a dismal quality of drizzling rainfall steadly falling through the course of the day. Simply, I elected to use a bit of common sense judgement and remain indoors, today.

Now, during the course of the day I elected to simply undertake the aspect to sit at my computer and send out messages to my many friends who are located in so many different locations. While doing such; I was toying within my mind as to a topic which I might be able to present to each of you in written form. Simply, a blog which might be of some interest to you.

Well, I figure that I just might have been given a “divine” quality of inspiration, my friends. What? My old trusty wood heater decided that it was time to purge itself! As much as I expend the effort to make sure that such remains clean; it simply has the need of doing such for itself, sometimes, in the form of a chimney fire. And no, this was not of a blazing, flaming event. Just a simple, intensely smouldering event which filled the entire neighborhood within a very dense cloud of grey smoke.!

Now: Considering the above, I simply wonder my friends? I simply stop and wonder if, perhaps, this event might not be a comparable reflection as to what might not be taking place with America, today? What? Is our Country upon a path which leads to such a degree of “clogging” that it will take nothing more than an actual burning and/or fire before this Country is, again, allowed to catch its breath?I would hope that you might forgive me for even having expressed/made such a comment along these lines. That is adamantly not of what I am attempting to project to you. But, I can certainly assure you that my trusty `ole woodheater is working upon a much better basis after having burned out the chimney residue!

So, therefore, I shall leave you with these few humble considerations of thought and trust that you shall formulate your own conclusions, my friends. `Nuff Said.

“Many Thanks”



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