Doll(s) Of Three Races

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

I saw this, yesterday, and simply didn`t give too terrible much thought to such. Buuuuut, upon futher reflection I simply find such to be of a quality of basic confusion! I mean, what???

Now: Are all dolls going to be required of being painted like a flag? I mean, most flags of different countries have some pretty distinct qualities of coloration which are pretty much of a nature of being individual to begin with? So, why.? Dolls which are going to be required to represent multi-qualities of ethnic/race qualities? Looks like our state and federal governments are showing why we, the American people, even employ them to begin with. In an humble term of expression, please; “Dumb-ass people” have the need of employment, too!

Last: Kind of goes back to a conversation which took place between I and another individual a few years ago. You know? Me and my friend kind of got onto the thought concerning “common sense.” Just maybe this shall well apply to the above, too. After some quality of debate, me and my friend came to the firm conclusion that “we knew that we didn`t have too much common sense.” Buuuutttt, what my friend and I concluded was the fact that “there are alot of people who don`t have any sense and that they don`t know it!!!!” `Nuff Said….


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Gays In The Military

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

This subject is of a nature which I don`t really understand too well. But, I observe a big-time fuss being made over such from time to time like right now! Just simply something which “I don`t understand!!!”

Well: I am kinda in a situation of somewhat agreeing with the aspect relating to “don`t ask, don`t tail.” <~~~, (nope, not a misspelling of the word tell. I mean tail! I mean that I can kinda understand the thing about women liking women `cause I`ve always had a fondness for them myself, also, but??? No, I don`t even like it when some fool driver even undertakes to tail-gate me out on the highway! I mean, let-alone, the thought of some sweet, hairy-ass man indicating the desire to crawl up upon my back-end for the purpose of wanting to play "Rump-Ranger" with my lower-forty! SORRY, but that particular area is strictly like the road-sign implies; "exit only, do not enter." Now? Perhaps there just might be another side to this picture, indeed. Quite some years ago I was employed at a local business operation. Had a pretty crusty fellow for a foreman. This individual was in fact a former military member. (now this is the truth). Well, he and I were discussing this business of gay military personnel and he related his firm convections upon the matter to myself. He simply said, "I`m all for gays in the military service! Kinda puzzled me for a moment and I asked him, why? His reply was of such." For as many times whereas I was placed upon base restriction(s), I could have used one of `em!" Hmmm? Maybe some backside humor involved? Better leave this subject alone for now. `Nuff Said... LOL... "Blessings To All" TGIO

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Who I Am

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

Over the course of the past several weeks I have had a few people asking me just “who the heck are you and what do you do?” I guess that there may well come a time when one has a need of doing just like the preacher indicates. “Brother, tell it like it is!” So I`ll give such a very honest try in my following explanation, please.

Me??? I simply undertake to try and be nothing other than what I am. And “heck no”, I don`t profess to have a halo over my head and/or a golden star in my crown! No, I put my pants (or overalls) on just like anyone else, period.

Well: I am a landowner and, also, a tree farmer. Big deal, you might think? But, I have been involved within the facets of such for the better part of my 55 years upon the face of the Earth. Mind you that this is the simple life which I live that is based upon involvement for 6-7 days a week consisting of each and every year. Simply put, “I am blessed to live with nature.” Sooo many are the current day-to-day considerations which most of us consider to be of a degree of importance. What? To mention a few aspects of consideration that I personally observe, daily. Air quality, factors of erosion, preservation of water quality, sustainable timber production, preservation of habitat quality for wildlife, preservation of multi-species of diversived timber qualities, ect, ect. Folks, it`s simply something which I completely breathe and engage within upon a daily basis. And no, “I`m just another simple individual in the crowd.”

Now: Perhaps that degree of indication may present what I construe to be a bit of information upon a level of being a little “vague” to yourself. But, I`ve never really cared much for the aspect of trying to draw much, if any, attention to myself to begin with. You know? It never hurts a thing to take to undertake the simple effort of not “letting ones` butt overload their own mouth”, my friends, :). `Nuff Said, :)…

Sooo, I am very deeply grateful for your personal observations relating to the above. Send me some replies, please, :).

“Blessings To All”


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My First Encouter With A Muslim

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

I`ve got one honestly true story which I should like to share with each of you. Such is as follows:

I`m relating something to all which happened to me right around last “new years” day.Of course you just shall simply have the need of understanding that I do live out in the country. I mean that chickens and runnng water are still a big “to-do” around these here parts, mind you please.

Well, I go down the road a ways to a gas station which is located next to a major interstate route in order to pick up some “sanity soda.” ( Many folks call such beer, though.) At any rate, upon having made my purchase of goods I returned to my truck and proceeded to start upon my return home. AND WHAT??? Dear Lord have mercy!!! As I started to pass by the gas pumps which were quite full of holiday travelers fueling their automobilie tanks, I simply stood up on the brake pedal and came to a sudden halt. What I saw just simply astounded me! What??? I was looking directly at an individual who was dressed up in flowing, white bedsheets (looked like something right off the top of Tora Bora, mind you) kneeling down on a mighty pretty blanket doing some of that Islam what-ever stuff!!! (Kind of startled me for a moment though. I just thought that this was another one of them Ku Klux Klan folks.) But, back to the story. I just simply sat there and did nothing more than observe what I was actually before me with my own eyes. Well, after a few moments had passed, this individual whom I was watching stopped whatever he was doing and looked up at me for I was only about 2-3 feet away from him. Well, you know that we have always been told to have a bit of “compassion” for others so I felt that it just might be helpful to do just that concerning the situation. Very quickly I thought and related the following comments to this gentleman: “My brother, I can and do respect you for what you are engaging within. But, I`ve just got to impress upon you that I have already done/tried what you are doing upon many occassions. And such just don`t work! Hard as we might pray; it just ain`t going to make the gas any cheaper or fill up our fuel tank for free.” You know? He kind of looked at me in a pissed-off manner. Hmmm, at least I refrained from telling him that he was looking in the wrong durn direction to begin with! Heck, he was facing a dogtrack. Guess that I`ll let this story go with that, :)…

“Blessings Upon All”


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Tornado Warning Sirens

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

Oh, I just figured out as to why I can`t hear the bells and whistles on my computer. (Simply had the need of removing my electronic hearing protection.) On the first Wednesday of each and every month there are “tests” done within the area that I reside in of the “tornado warning sirens!” I am soooo sincerely blessed to have one of these contraptions located about three-hundred feet (300ft) ” FROM MY FRONT DOOR!!! So what does this all mean to me? Well, read on folks, please.

I really feel safe by having this device right at my FRONT door! Why? It means that for at least once every month that I have the wax blown slap out of my ears and that no tornado “is going to get me.” But, where I do have of a bit of trouble understanding the situation is the fact that I’m caught up in the process of running around the house trying to keep my front windows in place while attempting to keep my rear-end from being completely blown out the durn back door! I mean, I get the full force of how this device protects me! I rate the sound effect of this siren to be, at least, an F1 on the Fujiti scale!!! Read on folks, please.

For an example: April 27th, there was a massive tornado outbreak around many parts of the Southeast. In the early morning hours preceding such; there was a major in-line wind event which occurred in this particular area. (Durn tornado siren worked just fine.) But, when the main event “rock and rolled” late that afternoon, “simply silence.” And the tornado which demolished portions of Tuscaloosa, Alabama passed not more than three (3) miles North of my home and the siren “DID NOT” even sound? I mean that such will sound off on a clear, fine quality of day but, not when such is fully intended to work? Hmmm, all I can figure is that some very bright individual forgot to shove that “rabbit” and his batteries into a proper place to begin with! `nuff said.

Perhaps, maybe, this just might impress upon you how I might feel about a “tornado warning siren.”

“Blessings upon all”


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My Signature Tag Line

July 3rd, 2011

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

“Many Thanks” to see you here, again. But, I`ve got a bit of something which I honestly would like to address to all of you, now. More often than not I have individuals asking of me as to “who is scripting this stuff”? Kind of makes me sit back and wonder what the heck they are talking about in the first place. To be “perfectly honest”; for whatever you might see then such simply comes from the heart and straight off the top of my head. I figure that doing such that way is simply of a decent, honest manner and is respectful to your own self.

So, I`d kind of like to lay some simple thoughts out upon the table for you to consider as an individual and such relates to my personal punchline. Mind you, you make the determanation of how you might feel, please.

“Be what you is
`cause if you be what you ain`t
then you ain`t what you is.”

Just a very simple quality of thought, isn`t it? But, taken into a deeper context of consideration, what might such imply, to you, today?

(1). “Be what you is”. Sure, there are many days and times during which I give considerations toward being something other than what I actually am. But, upon second thought, I`m not too upset when I stop and consider what I really am. No, never, ever,should we sell ourselves short for being the person whom we are at this moment in time. We all put our pants on just like everyone else! Simply put, Be grateful to yourself for being you!

(2). “`cause if you be what you ain`t.” Then this particular part of verse might sincerely have no further need of explanation. But, I see so many, many others who just have the desire to be something other than what they actually are. And what? All for the purpose of impressing others? I`m just going to extend this personal thought to you in an honest manner. “You impress your own self and, then, consider the aspects of impressing other people.” But, do such in a degree which extends respect to others who surround you. It is a two-way street, my friend.

(3). “then you ain`t what you is.” I offer the very deep, heartfelt encouragement to of you all to dwell upon this part of the verse. Simply, be you, please. You and I are the very individuals whom we are. We should attempt the effort to be honest with our own individual beings. Be yourself! “`Nuff Said.”

“Blessings Upon All”


P.S.. And to “Ric”. You `betcha man! A bigtime “War Eagle” in the direction of “Ric.” “Many Thanks.” None of this is scripted at all…

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Media For America

July 1st, 2011.

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

Something has been laid out upon the table for real consideration and upon observing such; “I am blown away” by the contents and context of what is being formented upon you and I as American citizens. All you shall have the honest need of doing is a simply web search and type in the keyword, “Media Matters For America.” Simply undertake to look at what website implies and determine what you are inclined to believe for your own self, please. But, undertake the simply effort to observe! Speaking upon a sincerely personel level; I find such website of be of an absolutely repugnant nature. “Pure pig puke” for lack of better words. And, you and I ,as the taxpaying citizens of America, are having this quality of complete and foolish stupidy shoved down our throats in a rabid manner at our expense? Forgive the language, please, but this honestly makes me mad enough to “eat nails and shit rust!” And the sad part is the fact that such is being projected upon all of us and we are supposed to feel that this is the fuzzy, warm truth? “Media For America” should really look into the very real aspect of finding another universe to reside within!

Well, the above is nothing more than a bit of my simply “two cents” worth of honest thoughts. Perhaps this relates back to what I was simply attempting to indicate within an earlier viewing, as TGIO, when I implied, “think for yourself.” Remember this also, if you might care to do so; “Don`t believe anything which you hear and only half of what you see!”

Last of all: I see where Glen Beck is moving to the great state of “Texas.” Good for you, Mr. Beck! I may not completely agree with everything which you impart to us all but, you express an extensive amount of sincere considerations which are very worthy of reflecting upon. Come visit us over here in Alabama, “neighbor”. `Nuff Said…

“Sincerely Yours”


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4th of July Thoughts

To Everyone, Everywhere,

Just sincerely want to sincerely express how very deeply grateful I am for your attention to this particular website. “Lord knows” that I could go on forever indicating “Go Longhorns, Go Frogs, Roll Tide, Go Dogs, Aggies, Trojans, Utes, Badgers, Gators, and whoever knows what the Heck else to include. “Mighty fine” people from all differnet angles and that thought is fully directed towards the fans of “Penn State” and their coach, Mr. Joe Paterno! Sooo, have no illusions about TGIO and his personel thoughts concerning NCCA Football, please, :)… I really am looking foward to the Fall with the adament expression of “sportmanship” being at the forefront of all, :).

Sooo, we have the weekend of “4th Of July” pretty much upon us. Nothing more than I have than a very real, sincere desire, and hope that such shall of be of a most enjoyable and safe nature for all of you and yours. Simply take a bit of time to reflect upon the gravity of the concepts that are ingrained within this “holiday” and be thankful that you and I are blessed with the ability of being able to do so. “Such has not come about in a cheap manner and shall not continue to exist but through the process of the careful guarding of such.”



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Gun Control

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

“Yes”, like it and/or not. I am a very full advocate who supports the 2nd admendment and “I am” a member of the NRA.

Why? Pretty simple, :)…

For all of my time here upon the face of the earth, I have had the adament pleasure of the useage of firearms in a manner which firmly incorporated the concept(s) and instruction of being completely responsible with the use of such. But, I see the current aspect and mindset projected which imply that “guns are bad” and have the need of being completely removed from any form of ownership and/or being available to the private citizen. Soooooo, I`d like to bring a couple of examples of what I construe private gun ownership relates to insofar as peaceful and responsible ownership of such may indicate upon a level which is simple.

Many years ago, I observed a film documentary which was related to the attack by the country of Japan upon “Pearl Harbor.” During the course of such documentary, there were a number of individuals of the Japanese Military whom were interviewed. I cannot but help but recall the observations which these individual gentlemen imparted during the planning phase of the above attack. “There was very serious consideration directed towards the aspect of leaving Pearl Harbor and sailing over to land an invasion force upon the West coast of the United States.” “At that particular time in history, we were under no illusion that we could very easily defeat the American military.” “However, we knew that it was very clear that it was correct to give adament thought to the fact that most every American household had a shotgun sitting by their backdoor.” “Defeat the United States military, yes but, not the quality of warfare which the average American citizen would have waged upon us.”

Next Of All: In the early part of the last century, look at the situation of the “revolution” in the county of Russia during the years of 1918-1919. What? In the aftermath of such Joseph Stalin turned to the peasents and proclaimed “turn in your guns and support the revolution”. Well, the common people did such and what did Mr. Stalin do? He simply turned around and smiled and indicated to the common people; “now, you cannot do to me what you just did to the Tsar and his regime.”

Last Of All: “Yes”, I find the above more than reason enough to bear my arms in a peaceful and legal manner such as I have done for many years. But, in so many words, perhaps we may simply be the only recourse to protect our own salvation… “God Bless” the American people, :). `Nuff said.

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Violent Computer Games

June 27, 2011

Dear Everyone, Everwhere,

Just got my mind blown away pertaining to a ruling by the United States Supreme Court relating to the aspect of “allowing” the rental/sale of violent computer games to our people of the younger class. I mean, what does this particular “ruling” implie and project upon each and everyone of us?

It simply means that the continued process of projecting, in a form of glory, violence shall continue within this country and culture. For a sincere expample, I`ll relate to a situation which happened several years ago not too far from where I reside. Several members of a particular law-enforcement establishment were gunned down in a horrible manner. What? the “defendant” and his defence attornies implied that his actions were a direct result of exposure to the computer-generated game of ” Grand Theft Auto.” Hello? is there something being missed, here? Sorry but, I do not consider my life to be of any nature which might construe such to simply be a “game.”

Well, perhaps we “must” respect the ruling of the highest court within the United States. Or, do we???

What do you think???


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