“Sorry, My Regrets.”

I honestly do regret that I did not complete the finish of my last post concerning “Comments.”
Such was to finish up with the aspect of:
“Best Wishes”

I`m simply going to have the very real need of getting my door key back from these “Hooter” girls and their interupting important business.

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“Comments From All.”

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

Just wanted to take a few moments of your time to reply towards the considerations of comment(s) which have been projected in my direction by you, the reader of such. I have of yet, to date, to gain the aspect of any negative quality of consideration from anyone. Perhaps this falls within the personal guidelines which I set for myself from the very beginning of this particular effort, “The Guy In The Overalls.” However, though, regardless of what you may and/or may not have to indicate shall remain upon a basis of being very well repected by myself. I “thank you” for your comments, regardless.

Well, one of my very early, primary considerations of even undertaking the effort of engaging within the “Overalls” effort simply revolved around this core aspect, my friends. I am not here to force any degree of thought upon yourself. All that I aspire to extend are very simple thoughts in the direction for you, yourself to consider and undertake the final decision as to what you may choose. Perhaps this may very well relate back to one of my earlier viedos when I indicated the consideration of “listen to others but, think for yourself.” I am trusting of your own judgement as an individual.

Last: I shall leave you with a few parting thoughts of consideration, my friends. Such is as follows:

(1). “A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

(2). “The average man learns from his own mistakes.”

(3). “And then we have the poor, old fool who continues to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Never does such learn.”

Simply, “Live, learn, and toil with a will for the clock of life, tomorrow, may then be still.” I want to see you back here, my friend!






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“Maybe I`m Getting The Hang Of This.”

Dear everyone, everywhere,

I should like to ask you to forgive me for having not “posted” any quality of comment upon this website for a bit of time. I`ve simply had some other qualities of tending to over the past few weeks. But, I am sincerely grateful for the degree of interest which has been displayed in the form of reader comments.

Well, during the month of June I did  reconnect my internet usage ability after having done without such for the better part of two (2) years. Having done such, no internet, was for the simply aspect that I was just honestly “burned out” concerning the cyber-world and had the need of taking a bit of a break.

Now: Being back online and having the opportunity of being connected with each of you? Simply means alot to myself, my friend. Perhaps we may not completely agree upon certain areas of consideration but, I tend to put many issues upon a basis of being upon a “two-way street.” Simply, each and everyone of us has something of importance which is of worthy consideration. Offer ones` own thoughts but, in return, be of a considerate nature and express a willingness to listen to the interests which are expressed by others.

“Many Thanks”



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Julia Roberts Banned?

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,
I have seen something in the current media which implies that the American actress, Julia Roberts, has/was presented in an manner of being “airbrushed.” So what does looking at those pictures mean to me as a viewer of such?
“My Dear Lord!” I am, again, all in love with her again after having seen such pictures. Why? Read on, please…
Me? I am a fond fan of this individual and her infectious laugh which I construe to be of a trademark quality! Simply of a nature which cannot be easliy replicated. “Go Girl”, please, :)…
And, now? A ban just upon the account of a quality of airbrushing? You know? Just a simple quality of doing such restores this individual to a super-senusal level, hooooo boy! Hmmm, I never thought that she was anything other than such, myself.
So, I guess that what I am getting at is this simple quality of consideration: Does the aspect of tearing down another individual make one feel better about ones self? People do just such to me all of the time. What do I undertake to impress upon them? “Hey, if you had of tried; then maybe you could have been someone, too.”
Bottom line: “Don`t undertake to tear others down in order to make you feel better about your own self.” `Nuff Said…


P.S. Julia Roberts? (Grin), need I say more, dear?

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Simply Today

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:
Kinda nice to start my day off just before 3:00a.m.. Crazy? Not along too much of a level of thought if one can understand some of the very simple qualities which life shall project upon us if we allow such in the first place. I feel that I have, already, addressed this consideration of thought so, on to today.
Perhaps I may well have the need to putting this particular realm of consideration within a pictured manner, later. But, for the moment I should simply ask for the kindness of you own attention which might allow me to express my thoughts, in a written manner, to each and everyone of you, please. (phew). Down to business, mind you…
Had a very good friend of mine ask me to unload qualities of thoughts which would involve a very, deep degree of me being of an extremely vulgar nature, today. Me? Do such? Sure, I could do such in a very easy manner but, I stop and give such a very deep quality of thought in the direction of each and everyone of “you” who undertakes to view me. You want something of a rude, vile content? Point blank; find another place to look.
Now, sure, I do use a bit of a `cuss word here and/or there.  Otherwise? You, as an individual? I shall and always will continue to express my personal thoughts in a manner which I shall have the heart-felt desire of being acceptable to yourself. Simply, “I shall remain respectful to you.” “We All put our pants on the same way, my friend.”


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The Greatest Invention

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

I am still a bit upon the astounded side concerning this one! What do you think?

“Friends”, a bit of time ago me an a few of the local fellows got into a pretty deep disscussion about “what is the greatest invention!” “Dear Lord knows that I feel sooooo good knowing that I am amongst such folks who just know about all this stuff to begin with.” Besides the point; on with the story as follows.

Well: One of my buddies indicates that he felt that the “greatest invention” of all times was that star-wars ship, whatever. (heck, I cain`t even spell the name of the damn thing!) But!!! I agreed with him for I did feel a bit of compassion for him to begin with.

Next: Another one of my buddies indicated that he felt like the “greatest invention” of all times was plastic forks and spoons! You know! I kind of have to agree with this line of thought… I mean, this “is a poor mans silverware.” Sounds like to me that this guy was on the money, but? “nuff said…

Last: And the last one of my buddies came forth with this thought. He felt that the “greatest invention” of all times was tissue paper! Hmmm, you know? This guy just might have not been too far off the mark with that projected consideration of thought! What? Such works upon which-ever end that such is applied to? I cain`t argue with that…

Oh? And just durn well what??? Here and up my driveway comes my trusty `ole buddy, Rusty! (losing battle, mind you). So my buddy Rusty gets out of his truck and asks “what ya`ll talkin `bout?” I says, Rusty, we are discussing the “greatest inventions” which mankind has presented us with and it just might be above your head. (figured that just might shut him down). No luck!!!

Soooo, Rusty proceeds to proclaim that the “thermos bottle” is mankinds “greatest invention.” I said, “Rusty, just how the heck do you figure that to be so?” Well, Rusty quickly expressed the thought that “if you put something that is cold within the thermos; it stays cold. If you put something that is hot within such; it stays hot!” I was kind of perplexed about all of what this guy was talking about so I asked him what made this such a great invention to begin with! Well, with a very smug look upon his face, Rusty proceeded to explain his thoughts as follows: ” how do it know? Hot stays hot and cold stays cold! How do it know what to do?” Guess that my buddy, Rusty, gets a blue-ribbon for that one. “nuff…”

“Blessings To All”

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Today and My Two Cents Worth of Thoughts

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

I rolled out of my bed, and the blissful quality of sleep contained within such, around 3:30 a.m. this morning. What? Am I crazy for getting up at such an early hour of the morning, you say? Well, I just have the sincere, very real need of begging to differ with you upon that area of thought. “Yeah, yeah you say! Look at this sleep-deprived moron!” Hmmm, now “hush” and let me explain such to you my friend, please.

To arise at such an early hour? Simply put! This is the best time of the day! It is so quiet and peaceful and even the songbirds haven`t  awakened at such an early time of the morning. (yeah, sure! the birds have more mental capacity than I). But, regardless of whatever, I like the early hours. Getting up so early presents me with a few peaceful moments to come into the “breakfast room” and fire up the computer. You know? I am still pretty durn well very young at heart but, the `ole nurons and transmitters just ain`t firing quite like they used too! But, when they do fire? “Let `er rip tater chip.” Just kind of nice to awaken to another day without the adamant need of having to rush into such, though. “Nuff said.”

Now, Today? Out the door and over to a parcel of property to check up and observe some timber-salvage operation(s). Spent a goodly amount of time giving attention to overall qualities of how such is being conducted. Just simply appears that such is going along in a manner which is of a really good nature considering what a storm-damaged area presents to the loggers to begin with! But, I sat in the jeep and gave deep qualities of thoughts in the direction of many, many other aspects of needed consideration. After the cleanup is completed? Then What? My dear friends, there are sincerely soooo many different angles which demand consideration that I just am simply not going to attempt to list them at this time, please. But, I will impress a thought upon you which I observed within a publication from OSU several years ago. Within that particular article was the comment that expressed such: “the land does not take care of itself.” Those very words have been soooo deeply ingained within my mind for the longest. I do not feel that I could elaborate upon the context of such. Simply, something which one lives and gain the understanding of over the course of a dedicated lifetime. (phew), “nuff said.”

Last: Kinda nice to leave areas of operation and journey over and across other undisturbed segments of the property. What? Just such of someting which is of a very simple nature. No ringing phones, no traffic, no nothing of a bothersome quality! I greatly enjoyed seeing a few deer, turkey, and the family of river otters in the creek on the South-end of the place. And now? What? Back to the real world, my friend.

“Blessings To All”

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Many Thanks

Dear All,

Yep, I figure that this is a particular situation where it isn`t too terrible of a nature of importance concerning “where everyone is.”

To be perfectly honest with each and everyone of you in a very sincere and direct manner of humble thought! “Folks”, I extend to each and all a very deep, respectful, and sincere level of being very grateful for your attention to this website. Regardless of anything to the contrary, mind you.

Soooo, in a direct manner I shall sincerely express the aspect of how deeply grateful I am for you and the time that you expend to observe to simply watch my (hummm?) projections of considerations/thoughts.

Simply, “Many Thanks” I mean that in a very “big-time” way to all, regardless, :)…

“Blessings To All”

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I’m A Dot-Com Now?

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

I`am a bit on the puzzled side about something. Not really a big deal `cause there are a lot of things going on, today, that puzzle me in an endless manner, any ways. But, I`ve got one for you which has caught my attention in a very sincere manner of which I am concerned with. Such is as follows:

Now, this is something which my producer indicated to me a few days ago. “You are a .com, now!” Now mind you I`m not the kind of individual who tends to rush into a rash judgement in a quick manner. However, though, upon further reflection I am becoming very concerned about this aspect of being a .com, period. Why? Read on, please…

Well now, I just don`t know too durn much about this Internet business but, when I see something that relates to .com? I mean, you take away the dot and what I begin to get is the picture of what com just might mean is short for one of them “communist” types of people. Something just ain`t right here or maybe I`m missing something, perhaps? Me and Mr. Producer are going to have the very real need of getting “adjusted.” Well, at least he is pretty reasonable and not like one has the need of contending with the likes of Mike Moore and/or Nancy Polsi! Moore or Polsi? Dealing with them would be of such. Say that you are placed within a barrel. The barrel is completely filled with sheep feces up to your neck! Suddenly, someone throws a handful of sheep feces directly at your face? What the hell are you going to do, duck???

Soooo, I figure that I have the pressing need of getting this .com consideration thing taken care of. Heck!!! I didn`t even vote for mister burrhead to begin with! And now I am a damn .com? How dare? (Grin)…

“Blessings To All”


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Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

Somewhere not too terribly long ago an individual indicated to me that I should go ahead and “unload upon the in-laws!”  Well, the simple quality of thought is the fact that I, personally, do not have any damn “in-laws” to begin with! Me? No, never married so this is a bit of a moot subject to myself, “Thank God!” But, I feel that me being in such a position such as this, that I can respond in what might be considered to be of a nature of simply being “not involved.” (Mind you that some blessings come in very distinct manners.)

Soooo, this is what I have to say about “in-laws”. For a simple example; A brother or a sister undertake the effort to get married. O.K., fine and well. But, does that mean that I, as an individual, should be considered to be a part of the “marriage vows?” Not for a moment do I subscribe to, (as the Cajun would say), that “buuulll-sheet.” I mean, “I didn`t undertake to engage within holy bliss such as what some of my siblings have engaged within.” “Nope”, I didn`t get married according to the vows of others. Bottom line? “They are on their own.”

Now: In the direction of any and all of you men folk(s); I`d kinda like to present you with a bit of what I tend to feel concerning this marriage thing. As follows:

When God created man, God indicated to man a couple of thoughts. “God indicated to man that he was going to provide man with a penis and a brain. But, God also indicated to man that he would not put enough blood within a mans` body so that both would work at the same time. “Hello, guys?” ” (Grin)… Just might be a good time for me to shut the heck up and exit the picture, for now, :)… (At least my non-existing wife, or in-laws, won`t  keep me from having a night of sleeping well.) `Nuff Said, :)…

“Blessings To All”

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