“The Croc-A-Gator.”

My Friend,

Please let me relate a story to you which I was told of many, many years ago concerning the croc-a-gator. Read on, please…

Well, I was sitting, one day, with a couple of my friends and we all got off upon the topic of what was the meanest animal in the world! Sure, we considered many different species of critters and discussed how mean such could be. The consideration of all of the many animals was pretty much of an endless nature, until? My `ole buddy Rusty implied the thought that the croc-a-gator was the meanest animal that has/had ever lived upon the face of the Earth! (Hmmm, gets a bit deep here.)

So, Rusty launches off into a detailed explanation of what a croc-a-gator actually consists of! “A croc-a-gator is one very mean critter, mind you”, says Rusty. Now what? I`m sitting here listening to this fool chatter and trying to gain the gist of what Rusty is trying to indicate. 

Finally, I can stand no more and I simply ask Rusty what is a croc-a-gator??? “Well”, says Rusty. ” A croc-a-gator has a great big croc head on one end that goes “whomp” on what ever such bites!” “That”, Rusty indicates is one end of this mean animal. “But”, Rusty says, “that animal has also got another mean end of him which has a big gator head upon such which goes “whomp” on anything which this fearsome animal clamps down upon!

Now: No too much of a question within my mind that Rusty has and/is describing some degree of a fearsome quality of creature but, questions arise concerning this degree of conversation between me and Rusty. So I ask; “Rusty, if this horrible animal has a crocodile head on one end and an alligator head on the other end; how can he defacate???” Rusty kind of looked at me and simply said “he ain`t got no butt!!! What the hell do you think makes him soooo mean?”

“Best Wishes”







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“The Little Dinger Inn.”

My Dear Friends,

A few days ago I stopped by a local bar and/or tavern. Kind of a nice nature to simply get off of ones feet and enjoy a cold beer. As always there is a quality of ongoing conversation within this quality of establishment. Sooo, the bartender and I struck up upon a degree of speaking with one another. Made pretty good sense seeing as to how he and I were the only two within the place, though.

“So, I ask of the bartender? Has anything of interest been going on of late? Not really, he replies but, there was one thing which happended that really did catch my attention, though. The bartender says, let me tell you this story, my friend.” And the following relates such:

My friend, just the other day I was getting ready to close the tavern for the day. Nothing out of the ordinary, mind you, just simply another day of doing business. What? Closing time is quickly approaching and my bartender friend is ready to call it quits for the day. Suddenly, a drunkard walks into the tavern, plops himself down upon a seat at the bar and absolutely demands a drink! The bartender indicates to the drunkard that it is closing time and that there are are no additonal qualities of drinks available. No luck, though. The drunkard continues to rant and rave for “a drink.”

Well, the bartender has gone through episodes such as this upon many occasions. Being well versed concerning this particular situation, the bartender resorts to his best option insofar as handling the situation. “My friend, says the bartender, I have got to close but, there is another tavern just down the road which will furnish you your drinks all night long. But, I have got to close, says the bartender.” The bartender indicates to the drunkard that the name of the tavern is the “Little Dinger Inn. So, off and out the door goes the drunkard. The bartender comes out from behind the bar, locks the door and goes home for the evening.

Now, the bartender arrives home and begins to relax for a peaceful, quiet period. He mixes himself an evening drink, gets todays newspaper and relaxes in his lounge chair. All is fine and well for a period of time but! Given a passage of time, the bartender begins to feel a degree of remorse. Simply, there just is not a place by the name of “The Little Dinger Inn.” Finally, the bartender can stand no more of his guilt for having lied to the poor drunkard. The bartender downs his drink, folds his evening paper and returns to the tavern. In quick fashion, the bartender picks up a couple of bottles of worthwhile drink and goes looking for the drunkard.

So, the bartender finds the drunkard lying in a ditch beside the road all brusied and cut up! Simply, the drunkard is in pretty bad shape. So, the bartender picks the drunk up and carries the poor soul back to his home. All this while the bartender is thinking, “this guy got run over by something in a bigtime way!”

Next, after a brief period of time; the bartender cleans the drunkard up. Takes care of the  wounds and cleans the drunkard up and puts him in bed. After a bit of time, the drunk begins to come around and start to regain some of his senses. But, he is still a bit upon the woosy side, mind you. “Damnation” exclaims the bartender. “What happened to you!!!”

The drunkard indicated to the bartender. “Sir, I don`t really rightly know, myself. I was simply trying to find the place which you indicated to me and the last thing that I remember is this. I simply stopped at a car with a man and woman within such and asked, how far is the Little Dinger Inn?” `Nuff Said, my Friends…







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“The Duck Hunter And The Game Warden.”

My Dear Friends,

Once upon a time there was a game warden who was performing his daily duties. The warden, bless his heart, was undertaking his sworn efforts to ensure that each and every individual hunter whom he made contact with was within a level of being legal. That particular day, the game warden checked many people and found not the first hunter who was not of a legal nature as required by law. Everyone was legal without the very first violation requiring a written ticket from the warden! The warden was not to happy with this aspect. He thought to himself, “somebody has to be in violation of the law.”

Well, the time of the day was wearing on into the late afternoon. The game warden decided for himself, “I`ll go down near this swamp and check the duck hunters. The duck hunters are always good for a few tickets.” So, the good warden begins to check the duck hunters as they exited the swamp in the wee hours and just could not find the first soul who might warrent a ticket for a game violation! The warden was not to happy with the situation, mind you.

Suddenly, the very last of the duck hunters appeared. By now, the good warden had made his mind up that he “was” going to issue a ticket to this particular individual for a violation of some degree of infraction.

The good warden approaches the duck hunter and demands, “What you been doing, boy?” Well, the hunter replies, “Sir, I been down there in the swamp knocking down a few ducks for myself.” “Got any”, the good warden asks, gruffly… “Well yes sir, a few” the hunter replies to the warden. The officer says, “give me one of those birds, boy!” What? The warden takes the duck by its feet, turns such over and smells the ducks behind! “Boy, the warden exclaims. You got an Alabama duck, here. You got an Alabama hunting license and duck stamp?” The hunter replies, “yes sir,” and hands over the required information. Everything checks out to be fine.

Now, the good warden says, “Boy, let me see another one of them ducks which you have taken.” The hunter simply says, “yes sir.” Out from his game vest comes another duck. Promptly, the good warden takes the duck by its two feet and turns such over. Again, the warden smells the bottom of the deceased duck. This time, the warden exclaims to the hunter. “Boy, this is a Florida duck! Do you have a Florida hunting license and duck stamp?” Sure enough, the hunter produces the required documentation to the warden.

Next: You`ve just got to understand. The good warden has been out all day and has made not one single case. So, the warden figures that he shall gain such with his next question.

“Boy, says the warden! Give me another duck!” The hunter produces another duck and the warden promptly takes such by the feet, turns such duck over and smells its rear end! “Lord Boy, exclaims the warden. You got a Canada duck here!!! You got a Canada hunting license and a duck stamp, the warden demands!” The hunter again replies, “yes sir, right here. And such is produced.”

Well, the good game warden is just completely at a loss for words. No matter what effort the warden expends, there just ain`t no way that any form and/or degree of infraction can be written within the direction of this particular hunter. So the good warden indicates, “Durn fellow, you are one of the most law-abiding people whom I have ever meet!!!” And then the warden asks of the hunter, “Son, are you from around these parts?” (Grin), The duck hunter simply smiles and indicates to the good warden, ” Sir, why don`t you smell my rear end and tell me, please.”

“Best Of Wishes”





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My Dear Friends,

There just isn`t much of anything that I like to enjoy more than having the opportunity of being with my friends. What? It is of a sincerely endless possibilty concerning the many, many areas of our own personal lives which we share with these individuals and vice-versa. I mean, can we not solve all of the problems of the world when we are in the company of our friends? (Grin), Perhaps so.

Now, I shall be the first to indicate that during the course of the above is the personal aspect that I shall be the first to “laugh at myself.” Provided that you might tell and/or undertake to pull a good joke upon myself? I shall be the very first individual to laugh along with you, my friend. But wait! All too often do I observe others who are more than willing to laugh at me but, don`t you dare laugh at them! I should suppose that the aspect of the consideration of humor is of an acceptable nature so long as such is within the direction of another individual but, not at the sake of themselves. What? This particular type of person can “dish it out but, they cannot take such in return.”

Well, I have always attempted to subscribe to the mindset that life is of a similar aspect such as being upon a two-way-street, my friend. Such just goes within both directions, folks. Show me someone who has the ability to laugh at their own self and that is an individual whom I shall treasure as a friend.

“Best Of Wishes”






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“Changing Of The Season,”

My Friends,

I am sincerely excited to observe the advent of this time of the changing season beginning to progress into the Fall. This is simply a period of the seasons for which I adamantly adore. Why, you might ask? My friend, please bear with me for a few moments and I shall attempt to provide an humble explanation concerning such feelings.

 I gain the consideration that the humid, torpid heat of the Summer time has finally begun to abate. Now, there is the understanding that the advent of the days being mild and the cooler evening temps are going to be of a prevalent nature. And, I look forward to the aspect of the blooming of the native wildflowers to begin at any moment. Also, it was simply of a wonderful nature to be out in the woods, today. What? A beautiful cobalt blue sky with a very gentle wisp of wind blowing. Oh, and do not for a moment think is it not of an obvious nature to see that the trees are beginning to agree with the mindset that “we should prepare for a long Winters sleep.” The color of the Fall foliage is beginning to reach a early stage of being apparent. The qualities of the leaves are, already, showing the gold, red, and yellow colors of the changing seasons, my friend.

So, therefore, I shall most respectfully extend within the direction of your own self to undertake a few moments of your time. Please, do such and contemplate the still wonderful aspects of nature which we are blessed with upon a day-to-day basis and tend to take for granted. But, I should like to very kindly and respectfully imply this simple degree of thought within your own direction, my friend. “The only thing which is permanent is change. And, everything is always changing.”

“Many Thanks”



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“The Sparrow.”

To All,
Given the aspects of the problems which so very many of us have the need of contending with, today. I can and most certainly agree with the current mindset of not being of a really pleased nature with such. But, as bad a hand of the cards which so many of us feel that we have been dealt, just look around and it just might come to attention that there are others who are in a more unfortunate situation that our ownselves. Perhaps, the following story might add a bit of a perspective to this simple expression of though, please.
There was upon a time a group of Sparrows who resided within a Northern climate during the warmer time of the year. All was fine and very well until there came the early indications that the season of the year was suggesting that the colder weather was about to begin!
Well, all of the Sparrows got together and came to the conclusion that the time to fly South for the Winter was upon them. So, as the Sparrows took wing, there was one Sparrow who indicated that things were not so bad and that he was going to remain in place for just a bit longer. He simply said, “go ahead folks, I`ll catch up to all of you later on.” Off the others went and the individual Sparrow continued to flitter around and about for a bit more period of time. But, given the gravity of time, the advent of the Winter weather began to make itself evident. Simply, the Winter arrived in full force!
Well, the Sparrow who had remained behind decided that it would be to his best interest to leave and attempt to catch up with his friends who had, already flown on down to the warmer climates sometime before. Off the Sparrow went!
Well, as the Sparrow was flying along the falling rain which was pelting him begin to escalate into a situation of simply becomming colder and began to freeze upon his wings. Unfortunately, given a period of time the ice buildup upon the wings of the Sparrow presented a degree of weight as to where the poor soul could simply fly no more. Down to the ground, in a pasture, did the Sparrow have no option of doing, otherwise. Now, here is the poor Sparrow sitting upon the freezing cold ground, covered in ice, and just completely having no hope for surviving an ordeal such as this! But wait! Just about that time a cow happens along and guess what? The cow dumps a really big pile of you-know-what right down on top to the Sparrow! “Oh my gosh, thinks the Sparrow. Here I am in such a situation and just don`t have a chance in the world of continuing on!” Suddenly, though, the warming effect of the cows` deposit on top of the Sparrow begins to spread a quality of warming upon him. The Sparrow starts thinking that, “hey this ain`t too bad.” He begins to feel so warm and well that he begins to chirp and sing sitting right in the middle of the pile of such. And wouldn`t you just know it? About that time a slinking cat hears the singing of the Sparrow. What? The cat finds the Sparrow, digs him out of the mess that the bird is within, cleans the Sparrow off and eats him! So, perhaps there just might be a moral to this particular post, my friend. “Provided that we might be sitting in a pile of it and we are happy?” (Grin), Maybe we are best served by keeping our mouths shut, my friend, :)… 

“Best Wishes”






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“Simply, Today, My Friend.”

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

It has been a day of such a wonderful nature. I`ve been out within the woodlands for the better part of the day. Simply working with the foresters and the timber-cutters looking things over and engaging within the mindset of aspects of the forthcomming days. I mean, what do we do here and what do we undertake to do there? Perhaps, that is why I always ask the “good lord” to guide this poor, old fool. He has not failed me, thus far, :). Just a real pleasure to work with nature, my friend. (Grin), the best part is the fact that I am indicating to these others as to what to do…

Now: I do have a little bit of something which I would like to kindly share with each and everyone of you, please. Simply something which is projected within your own directiion for the very friendly purpose of you deciding what you may so choose to belive and/or undertake, as follows:

“The clock of life is wound but once,

And no man has the power

To tell just when the hands will stop,

At late or early hour.

Now is the time you own,

Live, Love, Toll with a will;

Place no faith in tomorrow,

For the clock may then be still.”

Just a very simple expression of thought which is extended to yourself. I simply trust that these few honest words shall have a positive influence upon you, :).

“Best Of Wishes”












































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“Speaks For Itself.”

Dear Everyone, Everwhere,

Not too often does a situation arise which presents myself of just having a complete and total failure to understand the actions of some other individuals, my friends. Perhaps I should simply let the information speak for itself. You shall have the need of what such shall induce youself to consider, please.
I should like to sincerely request that you go to a particular website and such is as follows: NorthEscambia. com. I should like to impress upon you to pay sincerely close attention to a couple of articles of news information relating to the service(s) for the aspects related to Lance Cpl Travis Nelson of the U.S. Marine Corp.. This young American was “laid to rest” after having given his life in combat for you and I, the American people.
So, therefore, simply go to the above website and see the information which may very well catch the attention of your own self. I`m at a loss for words in even attempting to try and understand the actions of the particular group who planned to “protest” at the funneral of Cpl Nelson…
Perhaps this is one instance where the undertaking of what one may choose to feel/think is best left up to the determanation of the individual. I, for one, do not subscribe to this quality of mindset, period.”Me”? I`m not too damn happy!!!! `Nuff Said!!!


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Hmmm, I`m just going to be a bit of myself for a few moments. Not anything which is rude and/or disrepectful to anyone but, just speaking a bit of my mind to ya`ll.

You know, I`ve been kinda informed about all of the mess concerning “Spammers.” But, sometimes, `ole hard-headed me simply has the need of getting his eyes opened in an honest manner. Well, this is getting to be a bit upon the interesting side, my friend. I`m just puzzled by all of this fool mess. What? A little simple something is “posted” online and just look how others suddenly run up to you and indicate, “hey, `ole buddy.”
I suppose that the interesting aspect and/or consideration is the fact that I did not even have the understanding that others were, suddenly, wanting to jump on board?
Well, perhaps, at least I should have a degree of being grateful that this particular site has caught the attention of the spammers. I mean, a parasite shall not remain with an unproductive host for a prolonged period of time, will they not?
(Grin), just had to touch on this one, my friends…

“Best Wishes”


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“My Personal Interest In This Site.”

Dear Everyone, Evewhere,

I suppose that the best way to address the subject header of this article is to simply go straight to the point insofar as the expression(s) of my own personal considerations relating to such, please.
First: I really had sincerely grave reservations about even entertaining the aspects involving the undertaking of doing this website to begin with. To be very frankly honest with each and everyone of you, I am not of a nature which seeks the attention of others, period. But, giving consideration in the direction of the encouragement of my producer (brother) I felt that it just might be of a nature of simply being enjoyable. Now, that such is showing some early signs of possible potentials; I cannot help but feel that all of you involved are the driving aspect for where such is at the current moment.
Second: I was without any form of internet service for a period of 2 years prior to the establishment of this website. I simply had a case of “burnout” from such and needed a bit of time to do nothing more than simply take a break. Can you, yourself, imagine being without such for that length of a period of time? Well, the best part of re-opening my service and undertaking the aspect of The Guy In The Overalls is the fact that this effort has presented me with the blessing of being in contact with yourself. And, each and all of us are the foundation which controls the adamant direction of where this website shall go. However, though, I would be of a dismayed manner to let such go downhill for I shall not let such degrade to a nature whereupon such becomes of a unpleasent manner to anyone, please.
Third: I kindly and in a very simple manner of askance indicate the following question to yourself, my friend. More than likely you just might have a question of thought which of is, indeed, of a sincerely worthwhile level of interest to others. I should be of a completefully grateful nature of thought if you might present such in my direction. My friend, simply present me with a quality of thought which of a very clean and decent nature? Perhaps I just may well have the friendly opportunity of addressing such within an open manner.



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