“Have You Ever Noticed?”

“Greetings, My Friends,”

I would be sincerely grateful for a few moments of your own time to broach upon a particular subject of consideration and thought, please. And, as always, I shall simply present such for you to conclude your own decision concerning this area of interest.

To begin with; I don`t have a bit of problem with the aspect of trying to help others around me. Even moreso when such an individual is trying to help themselves and they could very honestly use a bit of additional support in order to carry them along.

“Yes,” I feel quite comfortable in saying that we all might be able to say that we have been in a position of needing help and/or giving of help, my friends. Things certainly have an adamant way of going “full circle.”

Well: I have noticed a quality of behaviour concerning how some people tend to react in reply to the help which we project within their direction(s). Perhaps, those reactions by others tend to fall within several different levels.

(1.) There is a percentage of individuals who will be very honestly grateful for the degree of help which we present them with. These are the kinds of good people who will be there to return the kindness should misfourtune befall upon ourselves.

(2). Then there are others` who may well be grateful for our help so long as such lasts. However, though, as the “horn of plenty” might tend to lessen; these folks have a tendency to slowly but surely begin to dissappear. I guess that these types of individuals are very comparable to a stray animal. They tend to remain so long as the “gettin is good.”

(3). And then? For goodness sake, there is another class of people. Folks, we help them out and, suddenly, it is their “right to expect” that we continue on with such help. What I find to be a bit of a sad consideration when we deal with this kind of individual? We can do ninety-nine (99) good turns for this person and, then? We do just one little thing with which they don`t agree/like and, suddenly, they completely and totally forget all of the wonderful qualities of kindness which we might have extended within their direction. Perhaps, as the age old adage might imply, “no good deed goes unpunished,” Oh well, I tend to look at people who are of such a nature such as this and consider the fact that they are nothing more than the “fungus among us.” `Nuff said.

Well, I`m just speaking a little bit of my own mind concerning the above information, my friends. Such is nothing more than a bit of quality of my own personal observation(s) over the course of the passage of the years. However, though, I just wanted to run this by yourself and ask you “have you ever noticed” such for yourself?

Now? I ask you to please pardon me for I have the need to hurry up and close this notation. (Smile), told a person that I would be happy to help them out concerning something, this afternoon. I shall trust that you`re day is of a very sincerely pleasent nature, my friend.

“Best Of Wishes”




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“Our Parents.”

“Hey, my friends,”

For just a few moments of your time I`d simply like to voice some very simple thoughts within your own direction, please. Albeit the aspect of if you might be young and/or old; are not “mom and dad” so very dear to our hearts? What? The best friends which anyone of us ever had and, sometimes, we come to that particular understanding after those wonderful individuals have departed from us. Please, may I impart to each of you some of my own personal considerations?

My Father?: (Smile), Me and my father never, ever really got along very well together! Simply was a very classic example of father and son being soooo much alike that it was pretty much of an impossible nature for us to see eye-to-eye. Well, dad disappeared upon the date of January 8, 1992. What? Poof? Vanished off of the face of the Earth and I have nothing more to go upon than such. Took quite a quality of time before I, personally, came to the sincere understanding that for whatever happened; it was my fathers` own choosing. (Smile), ask me why I completely adore the song by Neil Young, “Old Man.”

My Mother?: What a God-Given blessing that our mother presents each of us with? For goodness sake, my own father always indicated to me the consideration of “son, as long as you and your mom are alive; you will always be her baby boy!” Yes, the qualities of consideration which mom presents me with, from time to time, can be of be of a hard nature to swallow. But, I sure do love mom!

Well: These thoughts which I am projecting within your own direction are simply for each and everyone of you to consider, my friend. Personally speaking for myself? My parents “busted” my rear end for many, many things. (Just glad that they never found out the finer details, though.) So, therefore, let me simply run this thought by for all to consider. What better friends might you possibly find other than your own mother and father? Perhaps, this is an adamant reflection of what the scriputes` imply to us all, my friend. : “houner thy mother and thy father.” Just don`t await until the moment is too late to tell them, “I love you!” Please, don`t let the moment pass you by and you find your own self in a position of not being able to do such. And, the time passes by in a very steady manner… `Nuff Said…

“Best Of Wishes”




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“Elections And Politics.”

Only but a couple of days ago a very dear and treasured friend happened by the house for a friendly visit. Just simply one of the few particular individuals whom I can feel pretty confidant insofar as expressing my own personal thoughts are concerned. Certainly, I feel honestly confidant that you can understand such.

Well, my friend and myself were engaged within a sincerely friendly quality of conversation. Suddenly, my friend asks of me what I feel and how I might be inclined to vote, next November? Perhaps I might be able to sum my personal thoughts up within the following comments such as I expressed to my dear friend. As follows:

“Buddy, I indicated. I am concerned and interested within the relationship of what is transpiring within our country, today. However, though, I simply cannot find it within myself to be of a nature of being all-consumed by such! But why he asked?”

My simple response? My Friends, I have enough to contend with and evalute upon a constant basis. Simply, I feel that my personal time is of a much better use being relagated towards interests within my own ability and/or control. What? Politicans will feed each and everyone of us with all of the “cheese” which we can eat! Vote for me and I “am going to do this.” And then? “Deja Vu, my friend.”

(Smile), perhaps a simple, old adage might very well be applied to the above, my friend. “Never, ever should you undertake to believe anything which you might hear; and, only half of what you might see and observe. Be smart, my dear friend…”

“Many Thanks”


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“Too Soon Old; Too Late Smart.”

Hello My Friends,

Just pretty much of a normal day around here. Been out this morning looking over timber cutting which is removing some of the old growth timber. But, also observing the planting operations relating to establishment of new stands of pine growth in the form of seedlings.

Now: I`ve had a bit of a consideration of thought upon my mind which I would like to present to each of you, my friends. Such is for the undertaking for you to observe and to contemplate/formulate you own conclusion, please.

Basically, there is the aspect that most individual people tend to fall within three (3) categories. They are as follows:

(1). There is the “wise” individual! This is a particular individual who will observe the aspects of behavior by others and learn from the mistakes in a manner of observation. Simply, look at what others get themselves into as a result of their own actions and the results of what they have to contend with. We learn that we should not make the same mistakes of others, my friend.

(2). There is the “average” individual. Perhaps, many of us have the simple tendency to fall within this particular class. What? We do have the human fallacy of making mistakes but, “we learn from our own personal shortcommings.” Hmmm, a lesson learned is, most certainly, a lesson well earned. But, we learn.

(3). There is the poor “fool.” My Friends! Regardless, this particular quality of individual “just ain`t never gonna learn!” Time and again this person can, shall, and will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over. They just don`t learn.

Well, speaking for myself, “yes”, I have played the part of all three (3) of the above. But, I really do attempt to steer very clear of number three (3). Seems to be the consideration of the aspect that as our own personal life progresses on that we should have the simple need of gaining an understanding of what such presents us with.

So, therefore, for whatever particular class of individual which we reside within is pretty much of our own choosing, I think. Perhaps it might be best summed up relating to the simple thought that “We grow too soon old and too late, smart.” `Nuff Said, MyFriend. 

“Best Of Wishes”



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“Stop And Reflect, MyFriends.”

“Hi Everyone,”

I`ll certainly not attempt to tary too long with the content of this particular posting. Basically, I`d just simply be grateful if you might allow me to share an honest quality of consideration and/or thought with yourself.

My Friend, do you undertake, perhaps, the pausing of ones` self to contemplate the passage of time and what such might mean to yourself? What? Me? During my early years of youth I figured that time was “forever.” Twenty, thirty, and even forty years was considered to be a long ways down the road, folks. But, now, I am becoming of an astounded nature giving reflections towards the aspect that I am reaching a degree of age whereupon I can look back and ask myself, “where did such a degree of time go?”

Well, I shall simply part with each of you with this simple thought to contemplate, My Friends. Simply, live you`re life as an individual. You are what you are and you are what you have. And, the passage of time is of such a very swift nature. My Friends? I adamantly encourage each of you to make your time, sincerely, worthwhile. (Smile), the time is, constantly, slipping away.

“Best Of Wishes”


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Alabama Illegal Immigration Law – How It’s Affected Me

My Friends,

“What the damn hell is going on in the state of Alabama.” What? The Alabama State Government passed a quality of “laws” pertaining to the aspect of “illegal individuals.” Well now, I simply find it of an interesting quality to find that I, myself, cannot be “verified” for the simple purpose of renewing an automobile license tag.

Suddenly, I have the burden of being required to have a form of personal identification which strongly adheres to the consideration of “being a passport” by the wording of this particular act of Alabama State law. No consideration that I have been a part of a family paying property taxes relating to lands encompassing nearly 184 years of ownership. Simply, “Show me your papers, boy.”

So, therefore, the current Alabama immigration law(s) do not altogether apply to undocumented individuals, my friend. I cannot help but formulate a sincere quality of understanding that what the State of Alabama is undertaking is the aspect of creating something which is nothing more than a “complete police state.” When the hell are the State Reps. going to start requiring which side of the toilet paper that we wipe our rear-end with?

What? I feed`em with my tax monies! I`ll, probably, suffer some degree of reprecussions for these few simple comments, my friends. Well, sometimes, the truth hurts a bit! `Nuff Said…


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“Hello, Everyone.”

Hey, My Friends,

I`ll start by indicating that I am sincerely regretful for having let such a span of time pass by since my last posting on this website. But, I should imply like to kindly extend the consideration that such is because “we tend to get busy.” And, for whatever I do post for your personal observation; I have the honest intention of presenting a topic of which I aspire to, hopefully, be of an interest to you.

Now, going to be several items which I shall undertake to address within the near future. No, I`m not going to tip you off concerning such for the immediate moment. It is of the simple undertaking that for whatever I tend to express is of a very benign manner. What? I simply pose a degree and/or a quality of thought and then, respectfully, encourage you to observe such and formulate your own conclusions, my friend, :). (Grin), I honestly try to be careful and not let “my butt (ouch!) overload my mouth, :)”

Well, I`m going to leave my home and go over on my familys` place and pick up some firewood which I cut back during the early Spring. But, before I close this comment I should like to most kindly indicate a simple thought in the direction of each of you, please.

What? “Thanksgiving” is almost upon us, my friend. Me? What do I feel concerning the advent of such? Perhaps, a few friendly thoughts projected.

(1). I, personally, remove the monetary aspect from such and sincerely consider the holiday for what it means to me as an individual. Upon undertaking the consideration of such as the above; you can bet that there are still sooooo many different things which each and everyone of us should be grateful for.

(2). Give some simple thoughts towards some of the wonderful qualities which we can still enjoy. Simply, the “simple pleasures.” There are aspects of our lives which we have always enjoyed for what appears to be forever. Enjoy those pleasures and be humbled for the ability of having such, my friend. Simply, it`s pretty hard to be grateful for something until there comes a time when such is simply not there.

(3). Me? I`m grateful for having the humble pleasure of connecting with each and everyone of you! It doesn`t make any difference where in the world you may be located and/or the many differences of concepts involved; you are my friend and I am “sincerely thankful” for each and everyone of you, everyday, :)… `Nuff Said, myFriend, :)…

“Best Of Wishes”








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“The Mary May Patch.”

My Dear Friends,

I have a true story which I`d like to share with each of you. Mind you, this actually took place many, many years ago. Me and some of my friends still laugh about such to this very day. Read on, please.

Well, the Fall of the year was comming on. As usual, most of the hunters were becomming very interested within the aspect of getting their “foodplots” planted for the upcomming hunting season. Any true hunter knows that this is a very important consideration, my friend!

Now, there was an `ole cuss of a (shudder) gentleman by the name of Ralph Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins had a particular location of a foodplot which he had declared to be “private.” This was the “Mary May Patch.” Nobody, I mean nooobody was allowed to hunt this plot but himself. (Never mind that he always used club materials for this private patch.)

Sooo, there were several people, myself included, helping Mr. Hawkins prepare his private abode, one paricular day. Mr. Hawkins had his junk of a tractor and a disk set which wobbled all over the place (worn-out bearings) for the ground preparation in which to place the seed. And, I had driven Mr. Hawkins` truck over to this location. Such contained the neccessay items that were needed to plant his foodplot.

Next: The work process began, my friend. Old Ralph started putt-putting along on his tractor disking up the soil. Suddenly, my good friend(?) Glen Walker looks over into the back of Mr. Hawkins` pickup truck and spies some watermelons in the back of such! Now what? Glen waits until `ole Ralph is disking in a direction which takes him away from those of us who are helping him plant this foodplot. As soon as Ralph is going away from us; Glen whips out his pocket-knife and quickly cuts up a couple of the watermelons into serving size proportions. (Glen is setting me up for a real `cussing and I didn`t even know it!)

Well, `ole Ralph came back in our direction! You know, here were several people enjoying slices of “his” watermelons. That old man really lit into me about this!!! He said, “fella, did you ever stop to think for a moment that those watermelons might have been meant for someone else???” What? I was of a complete loss for words! I said, “Mr. Hawkins, I didn`t cut your watermelons up in the first place, Glen did!” “Yeah right”, Ralph continued to `cuss me for a long time after such concerning his watermelons. “Thank God” that the old Ralph was not a court judge! He probably would have given me thirty days in the electric chair for that eposide! What? “Many Thanks, Glen, :)”

Just simply a very dear and fond instance which I wanted to share with all of you, my friends, :)… (Glen has a lot to “burn for” in the hereafter, though.) He justs grins!!!

“Best Of Wishes”







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“Lee And The Fox.”

My Dear Friends,

I have a very true story which I should like to share with each and everyone of you. This did, “in fact,” actually happen many, many years ago. However, though, I should kindly ask that you allow me to lead you into this story with a degree of upfront information, please.

(1.) Lee Walls: Nothing short of being a brash old `cuss. A retired Lt. Colonel Army/Air Force fighter pilot during World War II.

(2.) Lawrence Fair: A mighty good friend of mine to this very day! Owner of an accused dog…

(3.) Ralph Hawkins: Another old `cuss who will fit into the story as such is told.

One fine day during the Springtime of a particular year; Lee Walls came over to my home raising all sorts of a ruckus! “Something is killing all of my goslings (young geese) down there at my lake”, Lee indicated. I simply attempted to express the honest consideration that such might be happening due to the feeding habits of some of the varmits. What? A coyote, hawk, and/or and owl? But, Lee was of the mental concepet that “a dog” was doing such! “Its that damn dog which belongs to Lawrence Fair that is doing this”, Lee exclaimed! (Shudder), nothing upon my part could sway Lee to think otherwise. Got to be of a big stink concerning this issue. You know, some really hard accusations with some feelings hurt. Me? I just tried to remain out of the picture, my friend.

Now: As I have mentioned this took place during the Springtime of the year. Spring Turkey hunting season was in full swing. Me and my old buddy, Ralph Hawkins, undertook to conduct an early morning Turkey hunt, together. In the very faint moments of the morning of such hunt, Ralph and I were starting around the bend in the road along some fields and here came a durn fox trotting along the road from the opposite direction! Ralph Hawkins threw up his shotgun and “bam”, the fox was a real goner. Ralph simply indicated that the remains of the fox be thrown off the road into the bushes. (Grin), a light clicked on within my mind. I said, “no, I have a purpose for Mr. fox, Ralph.” I undertook to bring the fox home with me for an intended purpose.

Well: upon arriving back at my house I engaged with this undertaking. I took the fox and very quietly slipped along the banks of my lake, went through the fence, and placed the deceased foxes` remains by Lee`s lake. Having done such a placement as this; I scurried back to my house as quitely as possible.

Now: I arrived back at my home and I proceded to call Lee. As usual, Lee said, “what the hell you want!” I said, “Lee, did you hear me shoot, last night? I heard your geese putting up such a fuss within the very early morning hours and I took my shotgun to see what might be upsetting them. Lee, I told him, I saw something and fired off a shot in the direction of such. Go take a look and see if you might find something.”

Next: A bit of time passed and the telephone started ringing. I answered such and Lee was on the other end. Lee said, “it was a damn fox!” You know that I had the real need of playing along with the situation so I had to ask Lee if he was sure of such. “Sure as hell, Lee indicated, the fox is still limber and dead as a door nail.” (Grin), I says, “Lee, thats what has been killing your goslings! Boy, you owe Lawrence a big I`m sorry!” Simply did not happen…

Well: Lee just could never, ever figure this one out. But, Lee knew that something just did not add up. He just could not place his finger onto the actual happening. Butttt! Lee never said another thing concerning Lawrences` dog…

“Best Wishes”









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“A Simple Tribute To Mo, the Dog.”


Just but a very few days ago; my brother/producer finally indicated to me that the time had simply reached a point of very real consideration. The focus of such consideration revolved around the aspect concerning my brothers “famous” dog, Mo. (Mo, was always understood to be the short version of moron).

Now, Mo was of a breed of bird-dog. Always of a pretty high-spirited nature and always into to some form of never sitting back upon his lower regions. What? High strung? This was Mo in a big-time fashion, my friend. But, time had finally caught up with this particular gentleman, Mo. So, therefore, there was the greatest act of kindness upon my brothers part to undertake an end to the suffering of this creature. Simply, “there comes a time, my friend.”

Well, I shall be the first and foremost individual to indicate that “we adore and love our animals”, my friend. What? Aside from all of the corrosive contempt and vile comments which we are subjected to, today? It is of nothing more than a given blessing to have the opportunity of returning home and gain the warm welcome which our animals present us with.

So, Mo had reached a point of being of an advanced age. There were sooo many ailments involved concerning his physical condition(s). What? A most wonderful quality of life and then? Mo was presented with the most kind, wonderful quality of love which any of us might express within the direction of our beloved animals/pets. To undertake to engage within such an action as this is the ultimate degree of love which we can express. `Nuff Said…






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