“Crazy But, Not Stupid.”

Hello My Friends,

Yes, been a bit upon the busy side for the past period of several weeks. Even a poor old hillbilly like myself can get caught up in the turmoil of having to contend with business functions relating to a multi-million dollar operation. But, I`ve gained the blessing of having a bit of lax time upon my hands and I should like to share a simple quality of a story with each of you, please. And, I shall be certainly grateful if you might allow me to present such to yourself, my friend.

Once upon a time there was a respectful gentleman driving along a street in his car. Perhaps, going to the store, running some errands, and/or just enjoying a few moments of simply riding around and observing the views. “Suddenly”, one of the tires on his automobile goes completely flat and the gentleman finds himself to be of a position of being stranded.

Well, the gentleman gets out of his automobile and sums the situation up for just what such presents. Nothing more than the understanding of the fact that a change of the flat tire is the order of the day! So, the gentleman opens the trunk of his automobile and gets out the car-jack and the spare tire. The gentleman undertakes to elevate the car and remove the flat tire. As he removes the wheel lug-nuts; he places those down on the ground next to him. But, given a bit of simple lapse of concentration the gentleman, by accident, knocks the lug-nuts off into a storm sewer drain on the side of the street! “Well, Father come down,” thinks the gentleman. “How the heck am I going to attach the spare tire to my car!”

Now: While all of the above is going on the gentleman didn`t contemplate the fact that such had occurred just outside of a mental care facility. In fact, several of the individuals who were residing within this particular place had gathered out at the boundary fence to observe what the gentleman was in the process of doing. Suddenly, one of the mental patients spoke out and said “Sir, why don`t you just take a lug-nut off of each of your other tires and place those upon your spare tire until you can get somewhere to obtain some replacements?”

Folks, the gentleman is completely taken aback giving the gravity of the suggestion which has been presented by an individual who is within a mental complex! But,the gentleman undertakes to make full use of the suggestion. Upon completion of the task the gentleman stands up and wipes the sweat off of his brow and addresses the mental patient who is still standing at the boundary fence. “Fella, says the gentleman. That was one fine quality of an idea and/or suggestion which you presented to me! But, if you are that smart then what in the world are you doing inside a mental institution?” The resident simply replies, “Mister, just because I`m crazy does not mean that I am stupid!” 

“Best Of Wishes”





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“A Few Simple Thoughts.”

My Dear Friends,

Over the brief span of time that I have engaged within the aspect of conducting the presented posts involving this particular blog; something has most certainly gained my attention. That item of interest concerns the numerous requests of individuals who ask/request permission that they be allowed to use the posted information contained. To answer such? “You shall be more than welcome to do so, my friend.”

Folks, I gain no greater pleasure than the fact of sincerely enjoying having each of you extend to me the kindness of your own attention in the form of observation. Basically, it`s just nice to have an honest quality of contact with each of you. However, though, I am most certainly not of the mindset of attempting to force any level of mental concept(s) upon anyone. Simply, I tend to pick out an individual topic of interest and undertake to stir your own imagination. As always, what you choose to decide upon is what is of the most importance, my friend. That is the quality of respect which I shall continue to extend to all of you.

So, then? The bottom line is my personal consideration that I do not mind if there is any use of my posted information and/or articles. But, I sure as heck do wish that the damn spammers would quit posting on my comment page! Well, just maybe there is the thought that they find my blog of a worthwhile site to post upon. I guess that they, too, have the need of eating…

Well, I shall be of the most trusting nature that this particular article finds you in a good manner, my friend. Me? Just been of a pleasure to connect with you, again. And, pass the posted information on such as I have presented such to yourself, please…

“Best Of Wishes”



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“Do You Believe In Something?”

Hello Dear Friends,

I have a bit of a of time to connect with each of you. Just thought that such might present the opportunity of addressing a quality of thought which bears upon myself on a day to day basis.

My Friend, do you have something contained within the realms of your own individual life that you find to be of a nature which is sincerely important to yourself? For goodness sake such can be construed to encompass so many different aspects, considerations, and qualities of adamant thought. Perhaps, that is a question which has no end but, what might one honestly find to be of that particular purpose involving ones` own life? What might one determine to be the “driving force” for which each of us exists?

Now: So what is the determining focus of your own individual efforts? Hopefully, over the prolonged period of ones` own lifetime; that level of attainment is gained and goals are put forth for ourself. However, though, there is the very sincere need of believing in what each of us has and/or is undertaking to accomplish.

Well: If you find that you honestly do sincerely believe in something then let me offer some comments of personel thoughts within you direction, my friend.

Folks, simply remain committed to what you are undertaking to do, please! Basically, keep a very sincere faith concerning your own self and let not the folly of the stupidity of others impair your desire to succeed, period! “Yes”, this can and does present one with a hell of an uphill battle upon a constant basis but, so long as you believe and remain focused concerning your goals? Then, perhaps, you do really believe in something! 

Last: “Many Thanks” for the kindness of having the pleasure of you visiting my blog page, my friend. As always, my intent is of the desire to exhibit a simple level of thought in a benign manner. What you think is what is of the most important nature… `Nuff Said, :)…

“Best Of Wishes”




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“What Are You Going To Do?”

Hello My Friends,

Yes, as the subject header indicates; “what are you going to do?”

Honestly, that is a question which I ask of my own self when observing many of the aspects and considerations relating to many of the things which are taking place, today. “What can I do about such?”

Well: I have found over the passage of a period of years that there are some items of interest which I can exert some degree of control over. However, though, I have also come to the firm understanding that there are particular qualities of consideration which I just cannot do a thing about. So, therefore, I honestly try to focus upon the things which I can do something about.

Now: What I have the tendency of observing at the current moment in time? Kind of stuns me that people are so totally consumed by the actions of others that the individual cannot live their own life for the need of focusing upon someone other than themselves! For an honest example, go to some of the news channels and click upon the comments which readers have posted. The mindset behind such is of a very poor nature, indeed. I find such to be of an indication of individuals who will look to find fault but, they are not willing to step up to the plate and even make a decent effort to make a difference relating to a particular situation. All too often is the position of many to indicate that “somebody needs to do something.” But, when it comes down to the actual effort of doing something; where are the ones who raise their voices in the loudest manner? And, in a manner of responsibility?

So what? I can reach a position of not being too sincerely happy concerning a particular situation, myself. But, I have the need of asking myself if I can even begin to make a difference/impact upon such. If not; then I focus upon the things which I can do something about. (Smile), Just appears that there are some qualities of things which I just cannot do a thing about, my friend.

Last: Devote your time to the things that you can control. Otherwise, do not be altogether consumed by the aspects of things which are beyond the ability of ones self. Perhaps, such might be summed up in the thought concerning “what are you going to do?”

“Most Sincerely


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“Not My Words, But…”

My Dear Friends,

For but a few moments I have been attempting to locate some qualities of documentation relating to matters of business. In the process of doing such I located some information which I should like to sincerely share with each and everyone of you, please. (Smile), simply no long elaboration or filler content upon my part; may I kindly present such for your own observation, my friend.

Now: I look at many of the things which are projected upon us on a day-to-day basis. Personally speaking I am a bit of a nature of being interested but, I do not tend to dwell upon these items of consideration in an all-consuming manner. Many of these aspects are simply beyond any ability of myself to control. So, therefore, I tend to engage within the mindset of “Uncle Remus.” Yes, that is the fictional Walt Disney character of times gone by. Perhaps though, the following indicated words are of a worthy nature of application to many things which we are observing, today.

“It ain`t what ya know that hurts ya. What really puts a hurtin` on ya is what ya knows for sure, that just ain`t so!” 

What more can I say and/or indicate? “Rock On Uncle Remus.”

Next: I made early mention in this article the consideration of business aspects. So again, let me present you with the words of another individual, my friends.

“Do not be afraid of failure. See it as a learning experience that provides an opportunity for new growth. Issha Zetsumei”

Simply put. The most certain way to fail is to never attempt to engage with the inital effort. And, one continues on despite the pitfalls which fall upon the road before us.

Well, this is one of the rare moments when I will quote the words of others`. But, I have found these expressions of thought to be of a sincerely worthwhile nature and had the humble intention of sharing such with yourself.

“Most Sincerely”




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“Explanation Of Blog Intentions.”

Hello My Friends,

I should like to ask you for a few moments of your time to address something which has been upon my mind for a passage of time, please. Just an humble quality of honest effort to indicate to each of you as to why I undertake to conduct this blog site.

To start with, going back to the month of June 2011; I would have never even dreamed of undertaking to engage within this manner of communicating in such a fashion as this. But, I was presented with a certain degree of “prodding” to do such and, now, here I am.

Well, I finally caved in and said “alright.” But, with the sincerely firm understanding that this blog site should always remain of a decent and respectful basis to those who observed such. Now, mind you that I certainly do not consider myself to be “gods gift to the world” by any means. I put my pants (or overalls) on just like any other individual.

Now: “Yes,” I can be quite a bit upon the side of being of a position of being vague with many of my posted articles, my friend. I undertake to do such for the very honest intention(s) of presenting a benign level of consideration/thought and allowing yourself the gravity of observing such and formulating your own conclusions. Point blank? I am simply offering such in a manner which, hopefully, encourages you to think for your own self, please. (Smile), what you undertake to think is what is of importance! Perhaps, maybe, that is the simple undertaking of extending a deep amount of respect within the direction of each and everyone of you.

So, therefore, I should have the adamant desire that this particular notation might present yourself with a better understanding of why I engage within the written style of the articles that I post for you`re observation. Just pretty much upon the basis of simple expressions of thought for you to ponder, my friend.

Summary: I do certainly have the sincere hope that the above might have some degree and quality contained within such. While this particular blog site is construed to be of a sincerely elective basis within itself; I just kind of enjoy the simple pleasure of connecting with all in a very simple manner of engagement. I shall have the thought that you shall find this to be of an acceptable nature concerning the intent contained within this blog site. Give such a bit of thought, my friend. `Nuff Said…

“I Wish You Well”


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“The Basic Principles.”

Greetings My Friends,

If you might grant me the kindness of your observation; I should simply like to share a quality of thought with yourselves, please.

My Friend, I have a framed document which hangs on the wall by my door. And, such is of the nature of the above implied subject header concerning this article of notation. (Smile), allow me to cut through all of the yada, yada fanfare and present such to you, my friend. Simply observe the following and ponder such information for the purpose of your own conclusions, please.

(1). Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not on the person.

(2). Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others.

(3). Maintain constructive relationships.

(4). Take the initiative to make things better.

(5). Lead by example.

My friends, kind of speaking for myself; I undertake the honest effort of keeping the qualtities of the above incorporated within the day-to-day activities of my own life. What? “We sincerely continue to build ourselves as we undertake to build others.”

So, therefore, I simply wanted to take a few moments of you time to share with you “the basic principles”, my friend. I have the adamant and honest desire that you might find such to worthy of your own considerations and reflections. `Nuff Said…  

“Most Sincerely”






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“What You Do.”

My Friends,

For a bit of a change from the normal; I`d just like to extend a bit of very simple thought within the direction of yourself, please. This posting of notation is just simply me undertaking the opportunity of enjoying nothing more than than having a very friendly chat with you. 

Folks, each and everyone of us has a particular quality of talent which is unique to our own self. Such may well be considered to be based upon education, experience’s, involvement, ect, ect. But, given the adamant gravity of time? Sincerely, each of us reaches a point in time where we are, hopefully, adept at what our direction within this life presents us with. Simply, we reach a period where we are pretty good concerning what we do, my friend. (Grin), and we know such.

Well, what I find to be of an interesting nature is that it would seem that there is, somewhat, a never-ending supply of others who are inclined to indicate to you and I that “I tell you what you need to do.”

Now: To be honest with all of you, my friends. No question that am I of a grateful position when another individual can provide me with a degree of good, sound, reasonable advice. Simply, I most certainly do welcome input from others so long as they employ a base of knowledge concerning what they are talking about. However, though, it appears to be of a common instance where there is a noticeable level of people who tend to tell us how to run our own personal business. And, mind you please; our individual lives on top of everything else. But, the interesting part is the fact that those very individuals cannot even take care of the aspects pertaining to their own selves let alone you and/or I…

So, at any rate of consideration and/or thought. I should very kindly  offer to encourage you to contemplate the desired aspects of what I am mentioning to yourself, my friend.

We gain levels upon where we become very well adept at doing what we do. It kind of comes down to the realms of the fact that “we know what we know.” Outside information is of a welcome nature but? My friends, what you have between your ears belongs to yourself! Such is yours and there is not another person upon the face of this earth who can even begin to take such away from you. What? As the adage implies is still of a sincerely honest consideration. “Knowledge is power.” In a very simple manner of me speaking to you, my friend. You be good at “what you do.” You and I shall employ the simple aspect of listening to ourselves, first! Then, we can listen to the input of others. `Nuff Said…

“Very Sincerely”




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“Two Dogs.”

Hello My Friends,

This particular post is one I have been a bit upon the hesitant side to publish for your observation. Such is a bit upon the level of being a bit on the crude side but, I should have the sincere hope that you might see through such and grasp the intention of the message which is contained within, please.

One day, there was a father and his very young son out enjoying a little afternoon stroll together. The two of them were walking down the sidewalk along the street with each other. Just a situation of enjoying a simple amount of time with one another.

Suddenly! The young son grabs his fathers` pants legs and loudly exclaims, “daddy, daddy look!!!” Lo and behold; across the street on the opposite sidewalk are two dogs engaged within the process of (ahem) making puppies. The little boy says, “daddy! Look at those two dogs! What are they doing?”

Well, for goodness sake the poor father is caught completely off guard by such an unfortunate moment as this. Quickly the father thinks to himself “I just cannot begin to explain to my young son what those two dogs are doing. My son is sincerely too young to understand such.”

So, therefore, the father comes up with what he feels might be the best explanation concerning such a situation as this and indicates to this youngster. “Son, the dog who upon the top of the other dog has certainly hurt one of his front paws. The dog underneath is undertaking to be very kind and help his friend get home.” Hmm, the young boy is really thinking things over concerning what he is observing and what his father has just indicated to him. Suddenly, the little boy looks up at his father with a very intense expression upon his face and says, “yeah daddy, isn`t that the way things are! You try to help someone out  and they wind up screwing you!” (Grin), `Nuff Said.

“Best Of Wishes”





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“Gasping For Air.”

“My Friends,”

I am becoming of a sincerely astounded nature in relationship to “lawmakers.” Simply no quality of difference pertaining to the aspect if such is upon the local, state, and/or federal govermental levels. What? Regulations, regulations, regulations and laws, laws, laws. And these individuals continue to pile more of the same upon us. In a simple minded manner of consideration; are we reaching a point to where if we are honestly trying to abide by the laws of the land? Are we breaking a law? And you and I continue to endure the onslaught of more “laws” being consistanly being added to the picture!

Well, I shall be the first to indicate that I am not of a nature of being of the position of being anti-goverment, period. But, what I do find somewhat diffcult to digest is the adamant aspect that it appears this particular consideration is becoming more and more prevelant within the world of today. What? We are reaching a point in time where every aspect of our minute-to-minute daily lives are being controlled. And, the “lawmakers” continue to pile such upon each and everyone of us upon a daily basis. But wait? These individuals know better what to do for each of us than our ownself! I “do sooo much for you they indicate and don`t forget to vote for me!” And, the final picture remains the same, my friend.

So, therefore, these few words are consisting of nothing more than a simple level of personal reflection(s) upon the above. I simply yearn for the days gone by when each of us, at least, could determine some things for ourselves without having to be left “gasping for air.”

Last: Just some simple thoughts that are being projected to your own self, my friends. I honestly trust that you might formualte your own personal conclusions, please. I shall remain respectful of such…




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