“Our Parents.”

“Hey, my friends,”

For just a few moments of your time I`d simply like to voice some very simple thoughts within your own direction, please. Albeit the aspect of if you might be young and/or old; are not “mom and dad” so very dear to our hearts? What? The best friends which anyone of us ever had and, sometimes, we come to that particular understanding after those wonderful individuals have departed from us. Please, may I impart to each of you some of my own personal considerations?

My Father?: (Smile), Me and my father never, ever really got along very well together! Simply was a very classic example of father and son being soooo much alike that it was pretty much of an impossible nature for us to see eye-to-eye. Well, dad disappeared upon the date of January 8, 1992. What? Poof? Vanished off of the face of the Earth and I have nothing more to go upon than such. Took quite a quality of time before I, personally, came to the sincere understanding that for whatever happened; it was my fathers` own choosing. (Smile), ask me why I completely adore the song by Neil Young, “Old Man.”

My Mother?: What a God-Given blessing that our mother presents each of us with? For goodness sake, my own father always indicated to me the consideration of “son, as long as you and your mom are alive; you will always be her baby boy!” Yes, the qualities of consideration which mom presents me with, from time to time, can be of be of a hard nature to swallow. But, I sure do love mom!

Well: These thoughts which I am projecting within your own direction are simply for each and everyone of you to consider, my friend. Personally speaking for myself? My parents “busted” my rear end for many, many things. (Just glad that they never found out the finer details, though.) So, therefore, let me simply run this thought by for all to consider. What better friends might you possibly find other than your own mother and father? Perhaps, this is an adamant reflection of what the scriputes` imply to us all, my friend. : “houner thy mother and thy father.” Just don`t await until the moment is too late to tell them, “I love you!” Please, don`t let the moment pass you by and you find your own self in a position of not being able to do such. And, the time passes by in a very steady manner… `Nuff Said…

“Best Of Wishes”




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