“Not My Words, But…”

My Dear Friends,

For but a few moments I have been attempting to locate some qualities of documentation relating to matters of business. In the process of doing such I located some information which I should like to sincerely share with each and everyone of you, please. (Smile), simply no long elaboration or filler content upon my part; may I kindly present such for your own observation, my friend.

Now: I look at many of the things which are projected upon us on a day-to-day basis. Personally speaking I am a bit of a nature of being interested but, I do not tend to dwell upon these items of consideration in an all-consuming manner. Many of these aspects are simply beyond any ability of myself to control. So, therefore, I tend to engage within the mindset of “Uncle Remus.” Yes, that is the fictional Walt Disney character of times gone by. Perhaps though, the following indicated words are of a worthy nature of application to many things which we are observing, today.

“It ain`t what ya know that hurts ya. What really puts a hurtin` on ya is what ya knows for sure, that just ain`t so!” 

What more can I say and/or indicate? “Rock On Uncle Remus.”

Next: I made early mention in this article the consideration of business aspects. So again, let me present you with the words of another individual, my friends.

“Do not be afraid of failure. See it as a learning experience that provides an opportunity for new growth. Issha Zetsumei”

Simply put. The most certain way to fail is to never attempt to engage with the inital effort. And, one continues on despite the pitfalls which fall upon the road before us.

Well, this is one of the rare moments when I will quote the words of others`. But, I have found these expressions of thought to be of a sincerely worthwhile nature and had the humble intention of sharing such with yourself.

“Most Sincerely”




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