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July 3rd, 2011

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

“Many Thanks” to see you here, again. But, I`ve got a bit of something which I honestly would like to address to all of you, now. More often than not I have individuals asking of me as to “who is scripting this stuff”? Kind of makes me sit back and wonder what the heck they are talking about in the first place. To be “perfectly honest”; for whatever you might see then such simply comes from the heart and straight off the top of my head. I figure that doing such that way is simply of a decent, honest manner and is respectful to your own self.

So, I`d kind of like to lay some simple thoughts out upon the table for you to consider as an individual and such relates to my personal punchline. Mind you, you make the determanation of how you might feel, please.

“Be what you is
`cause if you be what you ain`t
then you ain`t what you is.”

Just a very simple quality of thought, isn`t it? But, taken into a deeper context of consideration, what might such imply, to you, today?

(1). “Be what you is”. Sure, there are many days and times during which I give considerations toward being something other than what I actually am. But, upon second thought, I`m not too upset when I stop and consider what I really am. No, never, ever,should we sell ourselves short for being the person whom we are at this moment in time. We all put our pants on just like everyone else! Simply put, Be grateful to yourself for being you!

(2). “`cause if you be what you ain`t.” Then this particular part of verse might sincerely have no further need of explanation. But, I see so many, many others who just have the desire to be something other than what they actually are. And what? All for the purpose of impressing others? I`m just going to extend this personal thought to you in an honest manner. “You impress your own self and, then, consider the aspects of impressing other people.” But, do such in a degree which extends respect to others who surround you. It is a two-way street, my friend.

(3). “then you ain`t what you is.” I offer the very deep, heartfelt encouragement to of you all to dwell upon this part of the verse. Simply, be you, please. You and I are the very individuals whom we are. We should attempt the effort to be honest with our own individual beings. Be yourself! “`Nuff Said.”

“Blessings Upon All”


P.S.. And to “Ric”. You `betcha man! A bigtime “War Eagle” in the direction of “Ric.” “Many Thanks.” None of this is scripted at all…

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