My First Encouter With A Muslim

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

I`ve got one honestly true story which I should like to share with each of you. Such is as follows:

I`m relating something to all which happened to me right around last “new years” day.Of course you just shall simply have the need of understanding that I do live out in the country. I mean that chickens and runnng water are still a big “to-do” around these here parts, mind you please.

Well, I go down the road a ways to a gas station which is located next to a major interstate route in order to pick up some “sanity soda.” ( Many folks call such beer, though.) At any rate, upon having made my purchase of goods I returned to my truck and proceeded to start upon my return home. AND WHAT??? Dear Lord have mercy!!! As I started to pass by the gas pumps which were quite full of holiday travelers fueling their automobilie tanks, I simply stood up on the brake pedal and came to a sudden halt. What I saw just simply astounded me! What??? I was looking directly at an individual who was dressed up in flowing, white bedsheets (looked like something right off the top of Tora Bora, mind you) kneeling down on a mighty pretty blanket doing some of that Islam what-ever stuff!!! (Kind of startled me for a moment though. I just thought that this was another one of them Ku Klux Klan folks.) But, back to the story. I just simply sat there and did nothing more than observe what I was actually before me with my own eyes. Well, after a few moments had passed, this individual whom I was watching stopped whatever he was doing and looked up at me for I was only about 2-3 feet away from him. Well, you know that we have always been told to have a bit of “compassion” for others so I felt that it just might be helpful to do just that concerning the situation. Very quickly I thought and related the following comments to this gentleman: “My brother, I can and do respect you for what you are engaging within. But, I`ve just got to impress upon you that I have already done/tried what you are doing upon many occassions. And such just don`t work! Hard as we might pray; it just ain`t going to make the gas any cheaper or fill up our fuel tank for free.” You know? He kind of looked at me in a pissed-off manner. Hmmm, at least I refrained from telling him that he was looking in the wrong durn direction to begin with! Heck, he was facing a dogtrack. Guess that I`ll let this story go with that, :)…

“Blessings Upon All”


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