Media For America

July 1st, 2011.

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

Something has been laid out upon the table for real consideration and upon observing such; “I am blown away” by the contents and context of what is being formented upon you and I as American citizens. All you shall have the honest need of doing is a simply web search and type in the keyword, “Media Matters For America.” Simply undertake to look at what website implies and determine what you are inclined to believe for your own self, please. But, undertake the simply effort to observe! Speaking upon a sincerely personel level; I find such website of be of an absolutely repugnant nature. “Pure pig puke” for lack of better words. And, you and I ,as the taxpaying citizens of America, are having this quality of complete and foolish stupidy shoved down our throats in a rabid manner at our expense? Forgive the language, please, but this honestly makes me mad enough to “eat nails and shit rust!” And the sad part is the fact that such is being projected upon all of us and we are supposed to feel that this is the fuzzy, warm truth? “Media For America” should really look into the very real aspect of finding another universe to reside within!

Well, the above is nothing more than a bit of my simply “two cents” worth of honest thoughts. Perhaps this relates back to what I was simply attempting to indicate within an earlier viewing, as TGIO, when I implied, “think for yourself.” Remember this also, if you might care to do so; “Don`t believe anything which you hear and only half of what you see!”

Last of all: I see where Glen Beck is moving to the great state of “Texas.” Good for you, Mr. Beck! I may not completely agree with everything which you impart to us all but, you express an extensive amount of sincere considerations which are very worthy of reflecting upon. Come visit us over here in Alabama, “neighbor”. `Nuff Said…

“Sincerely Yours”


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