Lo Lo Jones.

Hello To All,

Been a bit of a passage of time concerning my last post. There are periods of time, however, when I simply like to sit back for an amount of time and honestly look around at all which is taking place today. (Grin), what can I say? It is a real trip to watch and observe todays happenings.

Now: Here is the real and immediate topic which I should like to address, please. “Yes”, I am going to go to bat for Lo Lo Jones! So, please, permit me a few moments to express a few very simple thoughts.

Lo Lo Jones? Most certainly she is a very attractive individual in a physical sense of speaking. However, though, I cannot help but feel that the most defining attributes of this particular individual are projected/represented by the heart and the inner soul which she does in a very¬†decent and respectable manner. Simply, Lo Lo you have represented the¬†United States Of America in a manner which is worthy of untold alocades! All Americans are “blessed” by your representation of this country. “You done good, gal, :)”

So, in a few simple words of encouragement to Lo Lo and anyone who might see this; might I present you with an indication of thought which is of an honest manner, please.

For whatever you do and as hard as you attempt to do such; there are always going to be the dregs of morons who will try to pull you down. Perhaps, these morons might have accomplished something had they have tried.

So, the bottom line is the fact that the NYT has projected itself in a dismal manner concerning such a deplorable position of demeaning such a wonderful individual in an repulsive manner…

What can I say??? “Rock On Lo Lo!!!!!

“Best Of Wishes”







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