“Lee And The Fox.”

My Dear Friends,

I have a very true story which I should like to share with each and everyone of you. This did, “in fact,” actually happen many, many years ago. However, though, I should kindly ask that you allow me to lead you into this story with a degree of upfront information, please.

(1.) Lee Walls: Nothing short of being a brash old `cuss. A retired Lt. Colonel Army/Air Force fighter pilot during World War II.

(2.) Lawrence Fair: A mighty good friend of mine to this very day! Owner of an accused dog…

(3.) Ralph Hawkins: Another old `cuss who will fit into the story as such is told.

One fine day during the Springtime of a particular year; Lee Walls came over to my home raising all sorts of a ruckus! “Something is killing all of my goslings (young geese) down there at my lake”, Lee indicated. I simply attempted to express the honest consideration that such might be happening due to the feeding habits of some of the varmits. What? A coyote, hawk, and/or and owl? But, Lee was of the mental concepet that “a dog” was doing such! “Its that damn dog which belongs to Lawrence Fair that is doing this”, Lee exclaimed! (Shudder), nothing upon my part could sway Lee to think otherwise. Got to be of a big stink concerning this issue. You know, some really hard accusations with some feelings hurt. Me? I just tried to remain out of the picture, my friend.

Now: As I have mentioned this took place during the Springtime of the year. Spring Turkey hunting season was in full swing. Me and my old buddy, Ralph Hawkins, undertook to conduct an early morning Turkey hunt, together. In the very faint moments of the morning of such hunt, Ralph and I were starting around the bend in the road along some fields and here came a durn fox trotting along the road from the opposite direction! Ralph Hawkins threw up his shotgun and “bam”, the fox was a real goner. Ralph simply indicated that the remains of the fox be thrown off the road into the bushes. (Grin), a light clicked on within my mind. I said, “no, I have a purpose for Mr. fox, Ralph.” I undertook to bring the fox home with me for an intended purpose.

Well: upon arriving back at my house I engaged with this undertaking. I took the fox and very quietly slipped along the banks of my lake, went through the fence, and placed the deceased foxes` remains by Lee`s lake. Having done such a placement as this; I scurried back to my house as quitely as possible.

Now: I arrived back at my home and I proceded to call Lee. As usual, Lee said, “what the hell you want!” I said, “Lee, did you hear me shoot, last night? I heard your geese putting up such a fuss within the very early morning hours and I took my shotgun to see what might be upsetting them. Lee, I told him, I saw something and fired off a shot in the direction of such. Go take a look and see if you might find something.”

Next: A bit of time passed and the telephone started ringing. I answered such and Lee was on the other end. Lee said, “it was a damn fox!” You know that I had the real need of playing along with the situation so I had to ask Lee if he was sure of such. “Sure as hell, Lee indicated, the fox is still limber and dead as a door nail.” (Grin), I says, “Lee, thats what has been killing your goslings! Boy, you owe Lawrence a big I`m sorry!” Simply did not happen…

Well: Lee just could never, ever figure this one out. But, Lee knew that something just did not add up. He just could not place his finger onto the actual happening. Butttt! Lee never said another thing concerning Lawrences` dog…

“Best Wishes”









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