“Just One Volcano!!!!

My Dear Friends,

Just please allow me to keep this particular item of communication very short and simple.

Folks, “yes”, there are many, many different qualities of consideration to be placed upon the table when the aspect of the health of the enviroment is sincerely considered. For all certainty there are a totally endless supply of differing observations hich can and/or being subjected within the direction of this item of immense debate.

So, let me present you with a quality of thought which was casually presented to myself and a few others, yesterday, please.

“Yes”, I was adamently engaged within what I felt was a pretty sincere quality of conversation concerning myself and several other respectful individuals relating to items concerning the timber industry and how such impacts the enviroment.

What? Me and my friends were discussing particular topics concerning interests related to carbon credits, carbon footprints, fuel consumption in relationship to resource delivery, ect, ect, ect….

Bottom Line: One of the individuals who was involved in this meeting injected a statement which carried a lot of weight.

My friend simply asked that a simple quality of thought be given a degree of consideration. His comment(s)? “Yep, yep,yep he said.” “You have the infusion of the complete and sincere undertaking of attempting to control carbon introduction into the atmosphere through the use of restrictions which are intended to limit such?” “But, my friend indicated “one eruption of one volcano can easily negate the efforts concerning the the aspirations of the human race to control such.”

Just thought that such might be found to be worthy of contemplation, my friends….


Kind of caught my attention when giving consideration to the gravity of what was being expressed….







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