Julia Roberts Banned?

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,
I have seen something in the current media which implies that the American actress, Julia Roberts, has/was presented in an manner of being “airbrushed.” So what does looking at those pictures mean to me as a viewer of such?
“My Dear Lord!” I am, again, all in love with her again after having seen such pictures. Why? Read on, please…
Me? I am a fond fan of this individual and her infectious laugh which I construe to be of a trademark quality! Simply of a nature which cannot be easliy replicated. “Go Girl”, please, :)…
And, now? A ban just upon the account of a quality of airbrushing? You know? Just a simple quality of doing such restores this individual to a super-senusal level, hooooo boy! Hmmm, I never thought that she was anything other than such, myself.
So, I guess that what I am getting at is this simple quality of consideration: Does the aspect of tearing down another individual make one feel better about ones self? People do just such to me all of the time. What do I undertake to impress upon them? “Hey, if you had of tried; then maybe you could have been someone, too.”
Bottom line: “Don`t undertake to tear others down in order to make you feel better about your own self.” `Nuff Said…


P.S. Julia Roberts? (Grin), need I say more, dear?

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