Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

Somewhere not too terribly long ago an individual indicated to me that I should go ahead and “unload upon the in-laws!”  Well, the simple quality of thought is the fact that I, personally, do not have any damn “in-laws” to begin with! Me? No, never married so this is a bit of a moot subject to myself, “Thank God!” But, I feel that me being in such a position such as this, that I can respond in what might be considered to be of a nature of simply being “not involved.” (Mind you that some blessings come in very distinct manners.)

Soooo, this is what I have to say about “in-laws”. For a simple example; A brother or a sister undertake the effort to get married. O.K., fine and well. But, does that mean that I, as an individual, should be considered to be a part of the “marriage vows?” Not for a moment do I subscribe to, (as the Cajun would say), that “buuulll-sheet.” I mean, “I didn`t undertake to engage within holy bliss such as what some of my siblings have engaged within.” “Nope”, I didn`t get married according to the vows of others. Bottom line? “They are on their own.”

Now: In the direction of any and all of you men folk(s); I`d kinda like to present you with a bit of what I tend to feel concerning this marriage thing. As follows:

When God created man, God indicated to man a couple of thoughts. “God indicated to man that he was going to provide man with a penis and a brain. But, God also indicated to man that he would not put enough blood within a mans` body so that both would work at the same time. “Hello, guys?” ” (Grin)… Just might be a good time for me to shut the heck up and exit the picture, for now, :)… (At least my non-existing wife, or in-laws, won`t  keep me from having a night of sleeping well.) `Nuff Said, :)…

“Blessings To All”

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