I’m A Dot-Com Now?

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

I`am a bit on the puzzled side about something. Not really a big deal `cause there are a lot of things going on, today, that puzzle me in an endless manner, any ways. But, I`ve got one for you which has caught my attention in a very sincere manner of which I am concerned with. Such is as follows:

Now, this is something which my producer indicated to me a few days ago. “You are a .com, now!” Now mind you I`m not the kind of individual who tends to rush into a rash judgement in a quick manner. However, though, upon further reflection I am becoming very concerned about this aspect of being a .com, period. Why? Read on, please…

Well now, I just don`t know too durn much about this Internet business but, when I see something that relates to .com? I mean, you take away the dot and what I begin to get is the picture of what com just might mean is short for one of them “communist” types of people. Something just ain`t right here or maybe I`m missing something, perhaps? Me and Mr. Producer are going to have the very real need of getting “adjusted.” Well, at least he is pretty reasonable and not like one has the need of contending with the likes of Mike Moore and/or Nancy Polsi! Moore or Polsi? Dealing with them would be of such. Say that you are placed within a barrel. The barrel is completely filled with sheep feces up to your neck! Suddenly, someone throws a handful of sheep feces directly at your face? What the hell are you going to do, duck???

Soooo, I figure that I have the pressing need of getting this .com consideration thing taken care of. Heck!!! I didn`t even vote for mister burrhead to begin with! And now I am a damn .com? How dare? (Grin)…

“Blessings To All”


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