“I Pitch Fit.”

Hello My Friends,

Very quickly, do let me impress upon you the actual fact that the subject header does not consist of my own words, please. Rather, I kindly attribute such to a niece during her younger years. Simply put, this particular youngster would become angry with her parents and adamently announce that she would “pitch fit!”

Well, the above might be considered to consist of a quality of humor when we consider such being put forth by a very young child and/or individual. What? Children are not expected to behave other than children. Such is simply of a nature which should be understood by those of us who are of the adult segment of todays` population. That is “I think?

So, before any further elaboration; I should like to express a simple quality of consideration for you to contemplate, please. “Some children grow up to be adults. And, some children grow up to become big children!” Perhaps a bit of an interesting thought to consider, maybe.

Now: I am inclined to ponder upon the things which I see transpiring upon a day to day basis within the confines of modern observations. But, I do have the very firm understanding that there are many individual aspects of consideration which are simply beyond my own personal ability of even engaging within. So, therefore, I simply endevour to devote my efforts and time to the things which I can engage within a reasonable effort. Otherwise, I`m just not too sincerely inclined to “pitch fit.”

Bottom Line? Just kind of nice to simply have the opportunity of being here, now, and watching all which is taking place, my friend. Lord knows, do we not live and learn…

“Deepest Respects To All”







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