My Dear Friends,

There just isn`t much of anything that I like to enjoy more than having the opportunity of being with my friends. What? It is of a sincerely endless possibilty concerning the many, many areas of our own personal lives which we share with these individuals and vice-versa. I mean, can we not solve all of the problems of the world when we are in the company of our friends? (Grin), Perhaps so.

Now, I shall be the first to indicate that during the course of the above is the personal aspect that I shall be the first to “laugh at myself.” Provided that you might tell and/or undertake to pull a good joke upon myself? I shall be the very first individual to laugh along with you, my friend. But wait! All too often do I observe others who are more than willing to laugh at me but, don`t you dare laugh at them! I should suppose that the aspect of the consideration of humor is of an acceptable nature so long as such is within the direction of another individual but, not at the sake of themselves. What? This particular type of person can “dish it out but, they cannot take such in return.”

Well, I have always attempted to subscribe to the mindset that life is of a similar aspect such as being upon a two-way-street, my friend. Such just goes within both directions, folks. Show me someone who has the ability to laugh at their own self and that is an individual whom I shall treasure as a friend.

“Best Of Wishes”






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