“Hello, Everyone.”

Hey, My Friends,

I`ll start by indicating that I am sincerely regretful for having let such a span of time pass by since my last posting on this website. But, I should imply like to kindly extend the consideration that such is because “we tend to get busy.” And, for whatever I do post for your personal observation; I have the honest intention of presenting a topic of which I aspire to, hopefully, be of an interest to you.

Now, going to be several items which I shall undertake to address within the near future. No, I`m not going to tip you off concerning such for the immediate moment. It is of the simple undertaking that for whatever I tend to express is of a very benign manner. What? I simply pose a degree and/or a quality of thought and then, respectfully, encourage you to observe such and formulate your own conclusions, my friend, :). (Grin), I honestly try to be careful and not let “my butt (ouch!) overload my mouth, :)”

Well, I`m going to leave my home and go over on my familys` place and pick up some firewood which I cut back during the early Spring. But, before I close this comment I should like to most kindly indicate a simple thought in the direction of each of you, please.

What? “Thanksgiving” is almost upon us, my friend. Me? What do I feel concerning the advent of such? Perhaps, a few friendly thoughts projected.

(1). I, personally, remove the monetary aspect from such and sincerely consider the holiday for what it means to me as an individual. Upon undertaking the consideration of such as the above; you can bet that there are still sooooo many different things which each and everyone of us should be grateful for.

(2). Give some simple thoughts towards some of the wonderful qualities which we can still enjoy. Simply, the “simple pleasures.” There are aspects of our lives which we have always enjoyed for what appears to be forever. Enjoy those pleasures and be humbled for the ability of having such, my friend. Simply, it`s pretty hard to be grateful for something until there comes a time when such is simply not there.

(3). Me? I`m grateful for having the humble pleasure of connecting with each and everyone of you! It doesn`t make any difference where in the world you may be located and/or the many differences of concepts involved; you are my friend and I am “sincerely thankful” for each and everyone of you, everyday, :)… `Nuff Said, myFriend, :)…

“Best Of Wishes”








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