“Have You Ever Noticed?”

“Greetings, My Friends,”

I would be sincerely grateful for a few moments of your own time to broach upon a particular subject of consideration and thought, please. And, as always, I shall simply present such for you to conclude your own decision concerning this area of interest.

To begin with; I don`t have a bit of problem with the aspect of trying to help others around me. Even moreso when such an individual is trying to help themselves and they could very honestly use a bit of additional support in order to carry them along.

“Yes,” I feel quite comfortable in saying that we all might be able to say that we have been in a position of needing help and/or giving of help, my friends. Things certainly have an adamant way of going “full circle.”

Well: I have noticed a quality of behaviour concerning how some people tend to react in reply to the help which we project within their direction(s). Perhaps, those reactions by others tend to fall within several different levels.

(1.) There is a percentage of individuals who will be very honestly grateful for the degree of help which we present them with. These are the kinds of good people who will be there to return the kindness should misfourtune befall upon ourselves.

(2). Then there are others` who may well be grateful for our help so long as such lasts. However, though, as the “horn of plenty” might tend to lessen; these folks have a tendency to slowly but surely begin to dissappear. I guess that these types of individuals are very comparable to a stray animal. They tend to remain so long as the “gettin is good.”

(3). And then? For goodness sake, there is another class of people. Folks, we help them out and, suddenly, it is their “right to expect” that we continue on with such help. What I find to be a bit of a sad consideration when we deal with this kind of individual? We can do ninety-nine (99) good turns for this person and, then? We do just one little thing with which they don`t agree/like and, suddenly, they completely and totally forget all of the wonderful qualities of kindness which we might have extended within their direction. Perhaps, as the age old adage might imply, “no good deed goes unpunished,” Oh well, I tend to look at people who are of such a nature such as this and consider the fact that they are nothing more than the “fungus among us.” `Nuff said.

Well, I`m just speaking a little bit of my own mind concerning the above information, my friends. Such is nothing more than a bit of quality of my own personal observation(s) over the course of the passage of the years. However, though, I just wanted to run this by yourself and ask you “have you ever noticed” such for yourself?

Now? I ask you to please pardon me for I have the need to hurry up and close this notation. (Smile), told a person that I would be happy to help them out concerning something, this afternoon. I shall trust that you`re day is of a very sincerely pleasent nature, my friend.

“Best Of Wishes”




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