Gun Control

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

“Yes”, like it and/or not. I am a very full advocate who supports the 2nd admendment and “I am” a member of the NRA.

Why? Pretty simple, :)…

For all of my time here upon the face of the earth, I have had the adament pleasure of the useage of firearms in a manner which firmly incorporated the concept(s) and instruction of being completely responsible with the use of such. But, I see the current aspect and mindset projected which imply that “guns are bad” and have the need of being completely removed from any form of ownership and/or being available to the private citizen. Soooooo, I`d like to bring a couple of examples of what I construe private gun ownership relates to insofar as peaceful and responsible ownership of such may indicate upon a level which is simple.

Many years ago, I observed a film documentary which was related to the attack by the country of Japan upon “Pearl Harbor.” During the course of such documentary, there were a number of individuals of the Japanese Military whom were interviewed. I cannot but help but recall the observations which these individual gentlemen imparted during the planning phase of the above attack. “There was very serious consideration directed towards the aspect of leaving Pearl Harbor and sailing over to land an invasion force upon the West coast of the United States.” “At that particular time in history, we were under no illusion that we could very easily defeat the American military.” “However, we knew that it was very clear that it was correct to give adament thought to the fact that most every American household had a shotgun sitting by their backdoor.” “Defeat the United States military, yes but, not the quality of warfare which the average American citizen would have waged upon us.”

Next Of All: In the early part of the last century, look at the situation of the “revolution” in the county of Russia during the years of 1918-1919. What? In the aftermath of such Joseph Stalin turned to the peasents and proclaimed “turn in your guns and support the revolution”. Well, the common people did such and what did Mr. Stalin do? He simply turned around and smiled and indicated to the common people; “now, you cannot do to me what you just did to the Tsar and his regime.”

Last Of All: “Yes”, I find the above more than reason enough to bear my arms in a peaceful and legal manner such as I have done for many years. But, in so many words, perhaps we may simply be the only recourse to protect our own salvation… “God Bless” the American people, :). `Nuff said.

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