Gays In The Military

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

This subject is of a nature which I don`t really understand too well. But, I observe a big-time fuss being made over such from time to time like right now! Just simply something which “I don`t understand!!!”

Well: I am kinda in a situation of somewhat agreeing with the aspect relating to “don`t ask, don`t tail.” <~~~, (nope, not a misspelling of the word tell. I mean tail! I mean that I can kinda understand the thing about women liking women `cause I`ve always had a fondness for them myself, also, but??? No, I don`t even like it when some fool driver even undertakes to tail-gate me out on the highway! I mean, let-alone, the thought of some sweet, hairy-ass man indicating the desire to crawl up upon my back-end for the purpose of wanting to play "Rump-Ranger" with my lower-forty! SORRY, but that particular area is strictly like the road-sign implies; "exit only, do not enter." Now? Perhaps there just might be another side to this picture, indeed. Quite some years ago I was employed at a local business operation. Had a pretty crusty fellow for a foreman. This individual was in fact a former military member. (now this is the truth). Well, he and I were discussing this business of gay military personnel and he related his firm convections upon the matter to myself. He simply said, "I`m all for gays in the military service! Kinda puzzled me for a moment and I asked him, why? His reply was of such." For as many times whereas I was placed upon base restriction(s), I could have used one of `em!" Hmmm? Maybe some backside humor involved? Better leave this subject alone for now. `Nuff Said... LOL... "Blessings To All" TGIO

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