“Gasping For Air.”

“My Friends,”

I am becoming of a sincerely astounded nature in relationship to “lawmakers.” Simply no quality of difference pertaining to the aspect if such is upon the local, state, and/or federal govermental levels. What? Regulations, regulations, regulations and laws, laws, laws. And these individuals continue to pile more of the same upon us. In a simple minded manner of consideration; are we reaching a point to where if we are honestly trying to abide by the laws of the land? Are we breaking a law? And you and I continue to endure the onslaught of more “laws” being consistanly being added to the picture!

Well, I shall be the first to indicate that I am not of a nature of being of the position of being anti-goverment, period. But, what I do find somewhat diffcult to digest is the adamant aspect that it appears this particular consideration is becoming more and more prevelant within the world of today. What? We are reaching a point in time where every aspect of our minute-to-minute daily lives are being controlled. And, the “lawmakers” continue to pile such upon each and everyone of us upon a daily basis. But wait? These individuals know better what to do for each of us than our ownself! I “do sooo much for you they indicate and don`t forget to vote for me!” And, the final picture remains the same, my friend.

So, therefore, these few words are consisting of nothing more than a simple level of personal reflection(s) upon the above. I simply yearn for the days gone by when each of us, at least, could determine some things for ourselves without having to be left “gasping for air.”

Last: Just some simple thoughts that are being projected to your own self, my friends. I honestly trust that you might formualte your own personal conclusions, please. I shall remain respectful of such…




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