“Explanation Of Blog Intentions.”

Hello My Friends,

I should like to ask you for a few moments of your time to address something which has been upon my mind for a passage of time, please. Just an humble quality of honest effort to indicate to each of you as to why I undertake to conduct this blog site.

To start with, going back to the month of June 2011; I would have never even dreamed of undertaking to engage within this manner of communicating in such a fashion as this. But, I was presented with a certain degree of “prodding” to do such and, now, here I am.

Well, I finally caved in and said “alright.” But, with the sincerely firm understanding that this blog site should always remain of a decent and respectful basis to those who observed such. Now, mind you that I certainly do not consider myself to be “gods gift to the world” by any means. I put my pants (or overalls) on just like any other individual.

Now: “Yes,” I can be quite a bit upon the side of being of a position of being vague with many of my posted articles, my friend. I undertake to do such for the very honest intention(s) of presenting a benign level of consideration/thought and allowing yourself the gravity of observing such and formulating your own conclusions. Point blank? I am simply offering such in a manner which, hopefully, encourages you to think for your own self, please. (Smile), what you undertake to think is what is of importance! Perhaps, maybe, that is the simple undertaking of extending a deep amount of respect within the direction of each and everyone of you.

So, therefore, I should have the adamant desire that this particular notation might present yourself with a better understanding of why I engage within the written style of the articles that I post for you`re observation. Just pretty much upon the basis of simple expressions of thought for you to ponder, my friend.

Summary: I do certainly have the sincere hope that the above might have some degree and quality contained within such. While this particular blog site is construed to be of a sincerely elective basis within itself; I just kind of enjoy the simple pleasure of connecting with all in a very simple manner of engagement. I shall have the thought that you shall find this to be of an acceptable nature concerning the intent contained within this blog site. Give such a bit of thought, my friend. `Nuff Said…

“I Wish You Well”


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