“Employers, Employees.”

My Dear Friends,

For goodness sakes, I know that this particular subject just might find many qualities of considerations which might go one way and/or the other! (Smile), seeing as to how I am the individual who is constructing this written article; simply allow me to present you with a few simple indications of thought for you to ponder, please…

What? An Employer? Basically, that is the consideration which revolves around the topic which concerns “the boss.” Yes, this is the particular individual who calls the shots upon which so many business operations function upon on a day-to-day basis. What? I can more than adamantly understand what a manager of a business has the need of contending with for the simple fact that I, myself, am a bit of a boss. But, I have observed members who have reached the tiers of business operations/management level and they have sincerely forgotton the firm consideration as to whence they came from. Simply put, people reach a position of being within a controlling situation of other people and, suddenly; just look at how high and mighty they become within their own mind(s). That should not present such to become of the mindset of becoming a horses` rear end, for lack of better words…

Now? An Employee? Well, yes. I figure that I am in the simple postion of being within this placement of individual, myself. Me, myself? I do have the need of engaging with other people who are in the position(s) of signing their names upon the dotted line, my friend. And the folks who are presented with such a sincere degree of an adamant quality of information just simply do not have the slightest clue as to the information which they are provided with. The bottom line, my friend? “We indicated the desired situation that we wanted a position of employment.”

So, therefore, I won`t “poor mouth too much, folks.” What? Today? I`ve been dealing with a pretty good many qualities of considerations relating to both sides of the above, honestly. Managers, workers? Perhaps, it is of a very sincere reinforcement of thought that no matter what one might undertake? You just cannot make everyone happy!

Summary: My Friends, I have two ways of considering and/or looking at tomorrow. Simply, “I quit or I fire myself!” That is, at least for the particualr day. But, the show has the need of continuing, my friends. (Smile), I`ll be meeting some individuals at 4:00 a.m.. Just reflect upon such, abeit the information to be of a vague nature. Some sincerely loose ends but, tomorrow shall be another day which shall have the need of being contended with. (Smile), grateful for you all, my friends.

“Most Sincerely”




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