“Elections And Politics.”

Only but a couple of days ago a very dear and treasured friend happened by the house for a friendly visit. Just simply one of the few particular individuals whom I can feel pretty confidant insofar as expressing my own personal thoughts are concerned. Certainly, I feel honestly confidant that you can understand such.

Well, my friend and myself were engaged within a sincerely friendly quality of conversation. Suddenly, my friend asks of me what I feel and how I might be inclined to vote, next November? Perhaps I might be able to sum my personal thoughts up within the following comments such as I expressed to my dear friend. As follows:

“Buddy, I indicated. I am concerned and interested within the relationship of what is transpiring within our country, today. However, though, I simply cannot find it within myself to be of a nature of being all-consumed by such! But why he asked?”

My simple response? My Friends, I have enough to contend with and evalute upon a constant basis. Simply, I feel that my personal time is of a much better use being relagated towards interests within my own ability and/or control. What? Politicans will feed each and everyone of us with all of the “cheese” which we can eat! Vote for me and I “am going to do this.” And then? “Deja Vu, my friend.”

(Smile), perhaps a simple, old adage might very well be applied to the above, my friend. “Never, ever should you undertake to believe anything which you might hear; and, only half of what you might see and observe. Be smart, my dear friend…”

“Many Thanks”


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